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    Hi all- I have an upcoming group interview as part of admission to WCU for BSN-RN. Can anyone give me some info on what the interview is like? I'm thinking its informal and they're really just going over program requirements and to see what classes we need. But I don't want to take it too casually and be totally unprepared. Sounded on the phone like there was only two interview times to pick from so the group will be fairly large. I wish I asked for some info about the interview... Also if anyone is currently in the program could tell me a little about it that would be great. Thank u!
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    Did you end up going to that interview? How did it go? If so is there anything you can tell me about it? Thank you!!!
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    Yes I went, and it wasn't an interview at all. They told us if we were sitting in the room (it was a group) we were accepted. They did a PowerPoint to tell us about the program & answer questions so we could decide if their program was for us. Then, you meet 1:1 with the professor and she goes over your transcript and tells you what you will need to take. Really try to make one of the dates and times they give you for an "interview" bc it can be difficult to schedule a one to one to go over all this with the staff. Let me know if you have any more questions.
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    Wow that's awesome thank you!! How did you dress? I hope the "interview" is the exact same for me. How do you like the program?
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    Since I had no idea what to wear I ended up going in scrubs, figured they couldn't ding me for dress if they thought I'm going to/from work and i reeeally didn't want to dress up. But many people were in business casual and some were in jeans & a nice top. I haven't started the nursing classes so I can't say much about the program yet, I like that the nursing classes have an online and inperson option. The other classes I have found a few online to take or they can be scheduled around work since theres many sections/times to chose from. After their presentation they want you to tell them if you decide to enroll if you would want the online or in person so think about that before you go, even though you can change your mind if they have room. Before an associates in nursing did you have another degree? If so there's a big advantage to WCU I can explain to you & that they tell you about in the interview.
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    I graduated from the RN-to-BSN program at WCU. I will say that it wasn't a real interview. It was just as described above - going over power points and meeting 1-on-1 with one of the nursing educators. We had people in scrubs, others with slacks and a nice button down shirt. I wore black pants and a button down shirt. The odd thing is, though, I had one classmate from my community college nursing class attend the interview and this applicant was not accepted b/c of a past GPA. So, even though the majority of the people at the interview were accepted, I do know one person whop was not. I don't know why they even asked said person to attend.

    The program itself is pretty good. Mostly writing papers, projects, and group work. I attended WCU for another undergrad degree so I like the school and the town. I was in the hybrid class.
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    Quote from Lemon710
    Before an associates in nursing did you have another degree? If so there's a big advantage to WCU I can explain to you & that they tell you about in the interview.
    I'd love to hear more info on this - I have a BA, and am graduating with ADN this may. I'm applying to WCU for the RN-BSN, as well as a few others.
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    If you have another degree, you need to take 30 credits at WCU...22 of them are required nursing classes. From there, you can take whatever classes you want to get to 30 (except if you didn't take statistics in your previous degree you will have to take that). When you go for the "interview" they will explain the requirements and they sit with you one-on-one to do a transcript review to see what you need...hopefully I'm passing on correct information, they always say to listen to the advisors because everyone is treated individually with what classes they need but this is what I believe their requirements for those with previous degrees are (I have another degree so this was what was required of me).
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    If you just get your ASN you an still
    Apply for the Rn to BSN program
    Correct? Does anyone does if it's hard to get in?