West Chester University RN to BSN program

  1. Hello everyone. I am planning to go to DCCC ADN program and after finishing it have my BSN in West Chester University. For those for you who had their RN to BSN in West Chester University, did you have to take chemistry, microbiology, biology, statistics, nutrition etc etc.? or you just took the two courses and were done in a year after you got your RN? Nursing will be my second career. I already have a BS in another field. I may go for a ABSN program but due to their schedule and intensiveness (I have two little kids), i will take the ADN route and have my BSN later. Any help is appreciated.
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  3. by   AmyPark713
    Haha, I could have written this post myself two years ago. I graduated from DCCC's nursing program this past May and am currently in WCU's RN-BSN program. The beauty of WCU is that you do not need Chem, Micro or Nutrition. You will need statistics though. West Chester requires 30 additional credits per each degree so you need a total of 30 credits to get your BSN even if you have a previous bachelors (as I do as well). The nursing core classes total 21 credits over two semesters so you would need stats and two nursing electives to make up the 30. I also chose to do it in two parts bc I have two young kids and didn't want to be too overwhelmed and I assure you it's totally manageable this way, but it is a lot of hard work. Good luck to you, feel free to message me if you have any questions!
  4. by   kalin
    Thank you so much for your reply. How was your experience with DCCC? Did you go to daytime program? What was your score on TEAS? I am going to take AP I and AP II next fall and apply for 2013? How was your overall experience? Have you found a job after you graduated?
  5. by   kalin
    One more question. How many days a week do you have to go to school for the BSN @ West Chester University?
  6. by   AmyPark713
    I LOVED DCCC! The professors, clinical instructors and experiences were all great and I feel the program really prepared us well for NCLEX. However I must warn that a lot of hospitals especially in this area are currently looking for BSN grads. I passed NCLEX July 1 and still have not been able to find a job, however girls in my program who worked as a PCT or CNA have found jobs, so if you do this program I strongly advise getting a job while in school. It really helps to get a foot in a door. I had my son literally 18 days before starting the program so it was impossible for me to work while in school but I feel it's my biggest obstacle now. I did do the daytime program at DCCC. My class was one of the last classes to take the Nurse Entrence Test (NET) rather than the TEAS so I'm not sure what scores you need for that test. Definitely take A & P I and II before you start the program, it makes life so much easier.
    As for WCU I'm getting all my pre-reqs/electives out of the way this semester, I'm taking stats online and two nursing electives on Monday and Wednesday nights from 4-7. Next semester when I start the nursing courses it's primarily online and then I'll finish in August. Now I just need to find a job...
  7. by   kalin
    Can you tell me the schedule at DCCC? What time did the classes start? And the clinicals? How many days a week? Were you done most of the days before 3:00 pm? I have a 2 year old an a 4 year old and no family support other than my husband. I do not want to sacrifice my kids while I am going to school. That's why I am not going to an ABSN program. I know I have to study hard but I am not afraid of that. By the time I start school my oldest will be in kindergarden. Thank you so much for your help
  8. by   AmyPark713
    Once you finish all the pre-reqs and are just doing NUS110, 111, 210 and 211, clinical is two days per week (Monday and Tuesday 6:45-2 for first year and Thursday and Friday for second year same times). Class is two days per week, two hour lectures, the times varied by semester but was usually like 12-2 or 10-12. First year we got Fridays off and second year we had Tuesdays off. We were almost always done before 3pm the whole program. My oldest started kindergarten when I started and my youngest was just under 3 weeks old. Good luck!
  9. by   kalin
    Hi again for all your time. I really appreciate this. How was the homework load? Did you have to study everynight pretty much? You had two kids at the time. How did it feel? Were you ok? How were the tests? Quizzes? Were there research papers? Did you have time for your children? i just want to get a sense of how it will be when I start school. I am trying to prepare myself as much as I can I will be done with all of my classes when I am taking the nursing classes. I do not want to deal with any other class when I am having the clinicals etc. How were the clinicals by the way? Which hospitals did you go?
  10. by   AmyPark713
    No problem I'm happy to help. The homework was mainly studying and it was very time consuming, I spent about 4 hours studying just about everyday to stay ahead and it def paid off as I graduated with a great GPA, the tests were hard, the model them off NCLEX questions which prepares us well for the boards, no quizzes and we wrote two research papers during the program - one was 3 pages and the other was 10 pages. I had lots of time for my kids, I studied after I put them to bed and during my littliest one's naps when my oldest was in kindergarten. Clinicals were good, I was all over during my two years - Taylor, Lankenau, Crozer, Fitz Mercy, Bryn Mawr, and DCMH.
  11. by   kalin
    Thank you so much. I really appreciate this. I think I am going to take the ADN route and do it in two years and get the BSN later. I do not want to sacrifice my kids in this process. ABSN programs look very intensive. I am afraid if I take that route, I will not see my kids for 18 months and I do not want to do that. I will get my BSN eventually. And I know it will take longer this way but with two little kids and no family support I think this is the best option for me.

    Did you take AP 1 & 2 in DCCC? Who did you take it with? Which Campus? Was it very hard? Is it only memorization?

    I am so happy that you are helping me with all these questions. You have two little kids and you have been in my shoes when you were making the decision to take the ADN route or ABSN route.

    Thank you again
  12. by   kmuneca
    Hi did you end up finding a job after you got your BSN? I'm in a similar situation...I have a Bachelors in Biology and my ASN. But I graduated from nursing school in Florida. Now I'm living in West Chester and I cannot find a job. I'm wondering if I should keep trying or if I have to bite the bullet and go back to school for my BSN. How was the WCU program? Thanks!!