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I'd like to know if anyone has attended, or is attending, West Chester Universities accelerated BSN program? do you like the program, did it prepare you for the real world of nursing, how much is the tuition? Thanks... Read More

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    i'm considering wcu's absn as well. this thread has been extremely helpful. i'd be finishing a year and a half later than i would if i went with other absn choices i'm looking at, but wcu looks like it is less than half the price and you can work part time/less intense. i'd need to more to pennsylvania and establish residency first, which would be most of that time, but that might be good. the transition wouldn't be so jarring, and really, what is a year and a half at 24? it does sound a little disorganized from this post, but i'm really good with bureaucracy, hehe.

    i wonder if you have to take
    pathophysiology (human response to disease) at wcu. does anyone know? my cc offers it and i could take it while i'm still doing my rerequirements in ohio. hm. doesn't sound like i could get my questions answered, though. the website isn't exactly inviting. but at those, prices, i guess they can present however they please!

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