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Hi, Is there anyone who is applying for admission for May 2009? Is anyone currently attending the program?... Read More

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    Does Villanova require an inperson interview? I have a pretty packed schedule this semester going to school from Monday to Saturday. Can they do a phone interview instead?
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    I know for students who live further away or might be unable to attend may possibly do a phone interview but I would confirm that or ask the programs Director.... just to be on the safe side
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    Hii, Can you tell me where you completed your religious and pathophysiology prerequisites
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    Hey guys.. Before applying for the BSN Express, I saw that we are supposed to send over our transcripts by fax to be reviewed. Does anyone have an idea on how long it takes to hear back from the evaluation? I just sent mine over yesterday, and want to hear something back soon so I can get my app in ASAP!
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    Is anyone aware of the GPA expectations for admissions? the minimum is 3.0 but do they expect way above that?
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    Quote from jk12345
    Is anyone aware of the GPA expectations for admissions? the minimum is 3.0 but do they expect way above that?
    From my experience , beyond the GPA, they take into account the "whole person". Best of Luck!
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    This thread has been a goldmine of information! I'm very interested in Villanova's program, and I appreciate the details people give out here. I should start a folder to copy and paste things. I'm sure I'll be back here to ask questions, as this is a great place for general interest.
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    for those of you applying/accepted:

    where did you fulfill the theology requirements?
    What were the titles of the courses?

    I am interested in applying to the program, and have 12 years of Catholic school education (grade & high school). I wish that would translate into college credit!