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Villanova Alternative Seq.

  1. 1 Villanova has another option for 2nd degree nursing students: Alternative Sequence Cirriculum. It begins in August of each year and is 2 years in length.

    Has anyone applied/been accepted or graduated from this program? If so can you please share your experience?

    Also- if you attended VU, can you tell me the typical times of lectures and clinicals for the alternative sequence? thanks!
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    I applied for the Fall 2012 start in early February, but still have not heard anything. Did you apply? If so, when did you have your interview?
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    I graduated from the program in 2006. I went somewhere else undergrad and transferred in my junior year of school. So i completed the alternate program in 2 years and got my BSN. The thing is to complete the program in 2 years you need to have all the pre-reqs like writing , sciences, philosophy, religion classes, etc already completed by time you are accepted. the first semester is accelerated you complete basic nursing classes in half a semester then other set in the other half of the semester. When i was there you had lectures on tues and thurs and clinical on mon/weds. Fridays were always off. Class times were all afternoon from what i remember. clinicals were mon/weds from 6am to 1pm. you start with adult med/surg, then critical care/psych, then OB/peds. You will graduate in the summer the end of july. your last clinical will be health promotion and community health in the summer. When i went there they were no interviews so i cant help you there.
    Overall it was a great program and m back there again working on my Peds NP degree. I highly recommend the program. I know some people failed out during the accelerated class part but it was 2-3 out of 30. It was due family/kids issues from what i remember. And they let those people drop down to the traditional BSN track.

    good luck to you guys.
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    Just curious, where did you transfer from and would you mind sharing your stats at the time that you applied? Thank you
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    I transferred from Rosemont College and they had an agreement with Villanova with people transferring into the alternate nursing program. stats? do you mean gpa? I had a 3.3 when i transferred in. I did all my pre-reqs at Rosemont and i took A&P I and II at a community college in the summer before i transferred.
    Hope this helps.
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    Do they post decisions online?
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    I'm not sure what they do now. but i got a phone call and a letter of acceptance.
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    Thank you for all the information
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    no problem my pleasure...good luck