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Hi everyone! I am applying for Shadyside school of nursing for the fall 2013 start? Is anyone else applying?... Read More

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    I just took my test on the 13th and I'm waiting for the results... Which to be honest is harder than the test lol

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    Let me know if you pass!!!
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    Is anyone starting the part-time evening and weekend program fall 2013? I just got my acceptance letter, so excited!
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    Yes I am, I just got my acceptance letter!
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    hi bella127, I have also been accepted to the part-time evening wknd program! very excited to get started. have you gotten any info in the mail yet? I have not.
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    I have!
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    I am starting daytime this Fall!
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    I am currently a LPN student with graduation aug '13. What are Shadyside's prerequisites to get into the school? I'm looking into Shadyside as well as the Mount.
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    Is anyone else starting full time in the fall?
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    I will be attending in the fall!! I was just wondering, is there a spring 2014 start date as well?

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