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Hi everyone! I am applying for Shadyside school of nursing for the fall 2013 start? Is anyone else applying?... Read More

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    [QUOTE="ashleynicole889;7178944"]Congrats Vebb!! How long did it take for you to get your acceptance letter after everything wasl x s sm Axis sent in?[/ c s C ce cs ss. Cel xxxsz s. d*excMo ssz s. Mo. zc. Zimbabwe
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    I am just starting the process of applying to the part time RN program at Shadyside. I will have to schedule my test first. Does anyone know if UPMC still offers tuition forgiveness if you apply and accept a position with them after attending the school. I believe its a 2 year contract.
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    Does anyone know what time the evening classes start for the part time program?
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    I am currently starting Spring 2015 (next week!!!) at Shadyside SON. Anyone else?
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    I'm going to be registering to take the test soon, I hope to be in for Fall 2016.
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    Whats your schedule like for the full time class?
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    Hi everyone, I want to ask whether previous GPA plays a role in the admission decision at UPMC Shadyside. I looked and searched everywhere on their website and I only saw that previous transcripts were required for financial aid purposes. I would also like to note that I will be submitting my SAT scores in lieu of the PSB scores. I have over a 600 on each of the three scores. Thanks guys!