UPMC Mercy SoN Class of 2014.... Study Group? - page 3

Hello! I was accepted into the Class of 2014 and I was wondering if there's anyone else out there that wants to start a study group? Let me know! :)... Read More

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    I looked today and I can not find it, maybe because I am searching for it on my iphone.. Facebook makes me angry sometimes.

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    I can't find it either, can you private message us the link?
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    i made one with the same name. see if this works:

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    I joined lol!
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    Me too!
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    I would definitely be interested in a study group too!
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    Thanks for making that, no idea why it wasn't working for me.
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    No problem! I'm making everyone admin so feel free to contribute whatever you guys want. I'm so excited just to get things going!

    17 more days left of freedom!

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