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Hi AllNurses community! I have been searching for a thread for the UPMC Mercy Hospital Class of 2015, but alas; no such luck. Therefore, I created one! I was accepted to start in August 2013 and... Read More

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    nevermind I deleted it....not sure how to work it

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    You're allowed to record lectures.
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    Got accepted a few weeks ago! Excited to meet the rest of the 2015 class! Congrats to all accepted See you at orientation in Mid-June
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    Hey guys! Hope all is well. The time for orientation is rapidly approaching. So exciting! I have a few questions. I'm also getting an iPad. I can't decide if it's worth the extra money to pay for the Internet on it. Does mercy have a good wifi connection we will be able to use in class? Also, I'm starting to look into day care for my son. Does Mercy have a day care that students can use? Can't wait to meet all of you! And congrats to everyone that has just recently been accepted.
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    Mercy has a good Wi-Fi connection you can use all over the hospital. I'm not sure about the daycare. There is a daycare for the employees of the hospital but I'm not sure if the students can use it.
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    Can I just say how excited I am getting for orientation! I cant wait to meet everyone. It is starting to make everything seem more real now that it is already June! Summer is going to fly by and before you know it we are going to be sitting in class! Ahhh!! Can you tell I am overly excited!
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    How long do all of the background clearances take to come back? Anyone know? Looking forward to meeting you all! Also any suggestions on a CPR class location? I need to renew mine
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    The child abuse took about two weeks. I did my state online and it came back immediately. The federal took about a week after I got fingerprinted.
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    Hi everyone, I got accepted a lill bit ago. I am so excited to meet all of you at orientation. My name is brittany roper. I would also like to know if the hospital daycare can be used for students as well.
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    I asked Dr. Balistrieri and she believes non-employees can use the daycare. Stop in her office and see her on orientation day. Thanks!

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