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Hello, Was anyone accepted into the UPMC Mercy School of Nursing Class of '14 which is starting in August of 2012? I was and I was looking forward to meeting other who have been as well!... Read More

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    I mailed my letter requesting my entrance exam date on Jan 7th. I got a confirmation email letting me know I was okay to take my exam on the day I chose (Jan 21st). I downloaded "Barron's Nursing School Entrance Exams" on my kindle and studied for about a week. The exam is EXACTLY like the practice test they have on the PSB website and takes about 1 1/2-2 hours:


    I took my test (PSB) on Jan 21st and found out my results by letter on Feb 1st. I handed out my reference letters in advance and I also requested my transcripts before I got my scores from the PSB back. I was just really anxious about things not getting sent in so I wanted to get a head start on it. I sent in my application the day I got my scores back and I got a phone call regarding my application. I have prior nursing school experience so they wanted to see if I would like to start over again or test out of "Foundations". I opted to take it to take is as a refresher. I got my actual letter in the mail today saying I was accepted and to send in a $200 confirmation fee.

    I am beyond happy to get started. I have a very good feeling about their program.
    If you guys have any more questions, I'd be happy to help !
    Good luck!

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    YAY!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!
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    I've submitted my back round checks, just waiting for them to send me the package full of all the information about the physicals I need to take and everything else... I CAN'T WAIT!!
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    I just got all of mine in the mail yesterday and I'm mailing them today! I'm so excited!!
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    Hello everyone!
    I actually was accepted on February 23rd, after submitting my application in early February. I was very anxious when waiting for my letter, because Mercy is my number one choice!
    I didn't end up taking the PSB test, because they changed the conditions to you can take a PSB test, or submit SAT or ACT scores. I took the SAT and I got 650 on the math, and 530 on both the reading and writing portion.
    I received my information today about the background clearances. I was very happy about this!

    I do have a question though. I am thinking about completing some courses this summer, to ease the workload while attending Mercy. Is anyone else doing this, thinking about doing this, or have already done it before? I would really like some insight on this subject, due to my indecisiveness!

    Oh, and congradulations to everyone who was accepted! I think that we should create a study group, because I've heard that they help very much!
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    Did you say $200 confirmation fee? I only had to pay $100..
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    i have most of my courses done already (with the exception of clep-ing out of psych and soc because i took it more than 5 years ago). i would take as much as you can before starting. nursing school is a wild ride and you need to concentrate on the core material with the least amount of distractions.

    i am all for a study group. and congratulations to you on getting in! mercy was my first choice too!

    i had to pay a $200 confirmation fee. they even have it on their website that it's a $200 confirmation fee. you got off lucky! lol.
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    Thank you! I'm actually taking a Psych class right now in high school, so maybe I should do that too..Also, do you have any advice on what classes I should focus on taking into the summer? And I really appreciate this!
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    does anyone know what date the application deadline is? i sent in my stuff to take my test on the 14th of april, but i cannot find any information on the application deadline. thanks!!
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    A&P can be challenging so I'd get that out of the way asap. I really enjoyed Micro but it was difficult also.

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