UPMC Mercy class of 2014

  1. I just got my acceptance letter today!

    Anyone else?
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  3. by   deweigle
    I got mine late February! so excited!
  4. by   melisk1226
    does anyone know what date the application deadline is? i sent in my stuff to take my test on the 14th of april, but i cannot find any information on the application deadline. thanks!!
  5. by   jemadi33
    I was wondering the same thing. I just got my PSB test results back yesterday and am getting my application packet together. I hope it's not too late to apply.
  6. by   deweigle
    It's not too late, but I know around April is when they start getting full!
  7. by   kitty_deville13
    good luck to everyone! post if you got in! :heartbeat
  8. by   melisk1226
    I'm taking the test this Saturday. The woman I spoke to at Mercy said that usually anything post April gets pushed to the following class, so hopefully I will do well on the test and be good to go. I am getting nervous about the test...How heavy science is it? Is it general stuff?
  9. by   kitty_deville13
    the test is EXACTLY like the sample one they have posted on the psb site.


    i though the science section wasn't that bad. it is very general but you are rushing to try to get everything done in the allotted time. just make sure what you answer is right to the best of your ability.....easy to say, i know..lol. good luck and keep us posted!

  10. by   jemadi33
    I got in
  11. by   kitty_deville13

  12. by   deweigle
    Congratulations! Welcome to the class of 2014!
  13. by   jemadi33
    Does anyone know when the orientation is? I'm taking a couple of classes at CCAC this summer and am hoping they don't fall on the same day.
  14. by   kitty_deville13
    You'll be getting a packet in the mail shortly with a ton of info.

    June 25th 8-3 orientation
    August 20th 8-3 transition day
    August 27th 8-3 first day of class