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I just got my acceptance letter today! :yeah: Anyone else?... Read More

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    Congratulations! Welcome to the class of 2014!

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    Does anyone know when the orientation is? I'm taking a couple of classes at CCAC this summer and am hoping they don't fall on the same day.
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    You'll be getting a packet in the mail shortly with a ton of info.

    June 25th 8-3 orientation
    August 20th 8-3 transition day
    August 27th 8-3 first day of class
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    That's terrible! I will be in San Diego on the 20th for a wedding. I already booked the plane tickets and don't come back until that night. What is transition day??
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    I think they said its something to help us prepare for the first day of school. If I were to miss one of those days, the 20th would be the one. I'd call them to make sure.
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    That's the plan. I'm going to call them as soon as I get my packet. I'm hoping they are okay with it! Thank you!
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    When you got your packet, did they let you know which classes you were able to CLEP out of?
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    They have it on their website:

    CLEP Testing for Course Exemptions
    Students who have successfully completed (final grade “C” or better) a Sociology , Psychology, College Writing, or Human Growth and Development course in college more than 5 years ago, may request to CLEP.
    CLEP results are to be received by MHSN prior to the start of the the course.
    CLEP credit is granted to students who achieve the passing score recommended by the CLEP Board.
    The student is informed of the CLEP status by the director/associate director.
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    Is anyone planning on taking A&P as scheduled during the program? I was thinking about taking them this summer at CCAC, but I'm aware a lot of their classes won't transfer when I go for my BSN in the future. I am also nervous about the courseload because everyone tries to scare you out of taking A&P with the other classes. Any suggestions?
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    I have all my extra classes out of the way. I was under the impression after we became RN's, then we would apply to BSN programs and that was it and not have to worry about those classes transferring. I took a&p 1&2 and micro at CCBC. I have heard from a current student that you should get all the extra classes out of the way as soon as possible so you can concentrate on your core nursing classes. Plus it will make your day shorter and give you more time to study.

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