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Just thought id start a new thread for those who are waiting to hear back from upenn's bsn/msn program. The waiting is killing me. I dont think i have a chance at getting in (low GPA/GRE scores), but i just want to know so that i... Read More

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    I agree! A great dilemma to have. I actually thought the cost difference was much greater between the two programs. (I thought Penn was only $40K. Forgot about the summer!) I would LOVE to go to Hopkins because they have a fantastic School of Public Health, and I'm doing MSN/MPH, but I'm doubting they will give me any grant aid, and Penn has the Penn Grant, which is awesome. I didn't know about the student/faculty ratio difference - what is the difference? And why do you say that Penn gives more room to breathe? Any information would be super helpful at this point!


    Quote from Grig_CA
    Hi Marinara,

    I'm trying to choose between the two schools too. For the first year, Hopkins' tuition is about $60K while Penn's is about $53K (including the summer which costs about $4450/credit unit). I haven't yet recieved my financial aid information from either school yet, but I'm expecting to get about the same amounts from each school. Of course, if the cost ends up to be starkly different, I'll probably choose the school that gives me much more money. However, at this point, I'm leaning a little more toward UPenn since the program allows a little room to breathe, slightly better location, smaller student-faculty ratio, and the school is more organized (Hopkins lost my deposit and transcript). But at the end of the day, both are great institutions and I guess it comes down to a matter of personal preference. Have you visited both of the campuses yet? That may really help you determine which school is a better fit for your needs (and wants). Good luck with your decision! It's a great dilemma to have!

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    I agree! Hopkins should NOT ask us to decide without knowing the financial consequences. That seems really manipulative to me! Which is sad because Hopkins is my #1 choice - I love the global health focus, the incredible School of Public Health, etc.

    Let's keep sharing as we think about this

    Quote from ESH427
    Ooh! thanks for bringing up the Penn v. Hopkins discussion Marinara.
    I am leaning towards Penn, but mostly because I expect to receive a lot of grant money from them and dont have the same expectations from Hopkins. Does anyone know if Hopkins gives need-based grants??

    Penn is overall more expensive b/c its a longer program (kinda annoying they dont lay out the exact cost like Hopkins does, I just multiplied the academic year costsX2, even though its overshooting a little), but even if I got the half-tuition scholarship from Hopkins, Penn will be much cheaper for me.

    Also, I think Penn makes it really easy to get excited about going there, b/c they are so organized and give you so much information. Hopkins should really give us financial aid info before they ask us to accept. Maybe I should contact them for more info... I feel like I am not giving them the benefit of the doubt.

    On the other hand I am attracted to Hopkins' focus and strength in global and community health.
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    Just curious if any accepted students have heard about the RWJ scholarship (if you applied for it). I thought we were supposed to hear on March 1st. I didn't get an email . . . wondering if that's bad news
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    Anyone deciding between Penn and UCSF???
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    KellyJH, I am deciding between Penn and UCSF also, although my decision is probably going to end up being more for personal than academic or financial reasons. My boyfriend is applying to grad schools right now also, at Penn, Berkeley, and a few other places, so I'm waiting to hear where he gets in...we want to be on the same side of the country at least!

    I have been living in San Francisco for the past 4 years, and I love it there, so I am leaning towards UCSF, but Penn sounds great as well, and they gave me a generous Penn Grant, which is tempting.

    Penn has been very responsive and organized during this whole process, but I just have a couple of hesitations. For Penn I would have to take an antomy lab before starting (I had lecture only in college), and for UCSF my prereqs are done. Also, I am a little concerned about the sequence at Penn, because I would finish the BSN portion in Dec. 2011, but I can't start the MSN FNP portion until Fall 2012, so I'm not sure what to do in the gap. Finally, I'm getting worried that the financial aid won't be as good during the MSN portion, because Master's students aren't eligible for Penn grant as far as I can tell.

    What are you thinking?
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    Hi AKLisa. I too live in the bay area and have been working at UCSF for the past 2 1/2 years. I did talk to UCSF financial aid to get an idea of what kind of support we can expect and they said that for the MEPN year it's essentially all loans. We will end up maxing out all of the federal loans and will end up having to take out lots of private loans as well. I think Penn will be a better decision financially since we will be considered an undergrad for 16 months and a grad for only 12 months... I think in that gap they hope that we will work as an RN and gain a little experience before starting the MSN portion. If nothing else, it will be a chance to earn a little $ and take a vacation before the specialty portion!

    I would really like to stay close to home and never imagined I would be thinking of NOT going to UCSF but Penn has really given me a great impression of the program/school/staff, etc and UCSF has been so disorganized (and that "informal" acceptance email was WEIRD- I didn't get that excited feeling I was hoping I would get) and the UC system is in such a bad place right now... this is SUCH a tough decision I literally change my mind every 10 minutes! At least you have the excuse of being able to follow your boyfriend to help you decide. Good luck with your decision! I have NO idea what I'm going to do. Maybe when I get the "official" UCSF acceptance and know more about financial aid it will help me. I'm glad I'm not the only trying to make this tough decision! They are both such great programs!
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    I know, this is a really tough decision! I'm sure both schools would be great. I agree, Penn has seemed more organized during this process, and it seems like they might be cheaper in the end, but it's hard to say at this point. It doesn't help that I've never been to Philadelphia before! I wasn't able to make it in person for the interview, so it's hard to know if I'd like the city. Did you visit the campus? Any thoughts on how it felt vs. UCSF?
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    Hi everyone. I would like to apply to UPENN for summer 2011. But I have a question about the prereqs. Can the 8 credit chem class be one introduction to gen. chem, and a gen. chem class or two general chemistry classes. Does it have to be general chemistry AND an organic/biochem class ? I'm so confused by all the rigidness of the prereqs outlined on their website. In order for me to take an ochem or biochem class, i will have to take 3 chem classes as prerequisites of them! Outrageous! Any input and advice would be SO appreciated.
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    Hi jiwonkim. The prereqs are confusing, so much so that I can't answer your question. I strongly recommend you contact the admissions office and get a transcript evaluation so that you are sure of what you've completed and what you still have to take. This is a great thing to do at each of the schools are planning to apply to.
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    Just take any TWO chemistry class at least 4 credits that has a lab and two biology classes that has a lab! thats it!

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