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Just thought id start a new thread for those who are waiting to hear back from upenn's bsn/msn program. The waiting is killing me. I dont think i have a chance at getting in (low GPA/GRE scores), but i just want to know so that i... Read More

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    Hey b3starr,

    I would really like to attend the Penn Admit Day b/c I have not yet seen the campus but not sure whether I will be able to get the time off/afford the plane ticket out there... are you planning to go?

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    i am going to the open house. i registered right after i got in. i am kind of a geek like that. i really wanted to check out the campus again when they just had to sell themselves to me, and not the other way around. i also wanted to meet my future classmates without the nervousness caused by interviews.

    i'm 90% sure i'm going to penn.
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    I want to go, but, just like KellyJH, im not sure if i can afford the plane ticket right now.

    amojo99 - what specialty are you?
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    fnp. you?
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    Doh! forgot to include my specialty. Im WHNP
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    Hello all! I'm glad I found this thread! =) I am about 95% sure that I will be attending Penn in the June, and I'm excited to meet my potential classmates.

    I am planning on pursuing neonatal NP as a specialty.

    Has anyone thought about living situations? I'm a little concerned about how to find housing.

    I look forward to talking to you guys!
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    Sorry for posting the same question in so many different places, but I'm wondering if anyone is driving from or through Boston - would love to car-pool, share expenses, etc.

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    Another question . . . is anyone choosing between Hopkins and Penn? How are you thinking about the two options? How are you dealing with not having financial aid info from Hopkins but having to make a decision between the two so soon? Just curious how others are weighing their options. So far, the Penn financial aid offer I got is very reasonable. Given that tuition at Hopkins is unreal ($60K for the first year), this is very much on my mind! Thanks!
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    Hi Marinara,

    I'm trying to choose between the two schools too. For the first year, Hopkins' tuition is about $60K while Penn's is about $53K (including the summer which costs about $4450/credit unit). I haven't yet recieved my financial aid information from either school yet, but I'm expecting to get about the same amounts from each school. Of course, if the cost ends up to be starkly different, I'll probably choose the school that gives me much more money. However, at this point, I'm leaning a little more toward UPenn since the program allows a little room to breathe, slightly better location, smaller student-faculty ratio, and the school is more organized (Hopkins lost my deposit and transcript). But at the end of the day, both are great institutions and I guess it comes down to a matter of personal preference. Have you visited both of the campuses yet? That may really help you determine which school is a better fit for your needs (and wants). Good luck with your decision! It's a great dilemma to have!
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    Ooh! thanks for bringing up the Penn v. Hopkins discussion Marinara.
    I am leaning towards Penn, but mostly because I expect to receive a lot of grant money from them and dont have the same expectations from Hopkins. Does anyone know if Hopkins gives need-based grants??

    Penn is overall more expensive b/c its a longer program (kinda annoying they dont lay out the exact cost like Hopkins does, I just multiplied the academic year costsX2, even though its overshooting a little), but even if I got the half-tuition scholarship from Hopkins, Penn will be much cheaper for me.

    Also, I think Penn makes it really easy to get excited about going there, b/c they are so organized and give you so much information. Hopkins should really give us financial aid info before they ask us to accept. Maybe I should contact them for more info... I feel like I am not giving them the benefit of the doubt.

    On the other hand I am attracted to Hopkins' focus and strength in global and community health.

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