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  1. Hello everyone!! I recently got accepted to Drexel University BSN co-op nursing program for the Fall 2010 quarter. I was a student at Community College of Philadelphia and I applied to Drexel through Dual Admissions. When I start Drexel I will be considered a Junior. I have two choices as to which path I want to take to get my BSN. I got accepted to the Fast-Track BSN co-op program which is two years long. Also, 11 of the courese are online. If I don't choose this path, I will be in the tradtional BSN program which would take 3 years to complete. All of the courses will be in the classroom.

    I really want to do the Fast-track program because I would have my BSN in two years, but I'm apprehensive about the online courses.
    Is it a good idea to take nursing courses online?

    Is there anyone out there that has gotten accepted to Drexel through a Dual Admissions program?

    Has anyone out there obtained their BSN through the Fast-track program or is currently in the Fast-Track program?

    Are the online courses difficult?

    Anyone out there getting their BSN in through the traditonal BSN co-op? How are the classes over all and the professors? Please share your experiences.

    Thanks so much
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  3. by   Finally my Time
    I will be a traditional BSN Co-op student at Drexel this fall. I'm sorry I don't have much to offer you as far as the program goes. I wanted to touch on the online classes.

    You have to be very honest with yourself as far as what kind of learner you are. If you enjoy, or need the classroom interaction and immediate access to your teacher. Traditional may be for you. I am this kind of learner.

    If you are very disciplined and can manage with minimal class interaction and less teacher time. Online may be for you. With online classes you will have access to your teacher via email or chat.

    Whether the classes are harder. That depends. I would not say the material itself is any different than in a classroom, but you will largely be teaching yourself what you need to know. You will be assigned reading, you will be told in general what your test are on. I found the tests online (in my school, somewhere else may be different) harder to study for because I could not zero in on what I needed to know. There is something about a teacher lecturing and giving their personal experience that helps me retain what I need to know.
  4. by   Tami89
    Hi Finally my time!

    Thanks for replying.

    After talking to my mom and going back and forth between the two, I'm definitly going to do the traditonal BSN co-op. I enjoy being in the clasroom and being around the teachers. I don't think online classses would be best for me because I don't have the most reliable internet at home. And I would rather ask a professor a question face to face instead of asking in chat.

    Did you get an e-mail about the Transfer Accepted Vist Day?
  5. by   berns10
    I am in accelerated nursing school, managing your time is a huge priority, theres nothing like it. I suggest studying everyday and disregarding anything else thats hampering you to succeed in school. This is what i'm trying to do, but its tough!
  6. by   VRN-RN
    i tell you wut... the clinical courses will not be online.. as you will need to go in for skills etc.. clinical locations and wut not.. but those 11 classes could be basic classes like.. medical terminology.. research and done on your own pace as long as you make assignments deadline..i took couple of classes online.. and they were breeze.. but like you said ur internet is not stable.. so glad you decided to go traditional..