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Hi, I was just accepted to Thomas Jefferson University's ASN-BSN program for the Fall of 2009 . I'm just looking to communicate with others who have also been accepted.... Read More

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    rayne215- i am taking my nclex next week (and i am freaking out!), and have a job interview tomorrow. looking for jobs is hard right now because of the economy, but hopefully it will be straightened out before you graduate. just so you know, you are in an asn-bsn program at jeff so when someone says asns won't get hired, remind them that the program is both. you are seamlessly enrolled into the bsn and believe it or not it does make a difference.

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    Quote from rayne215
    Congrats on graduating! did you pass nclex yet if so hows your job search?! i was gonna try this school or Drexel but i liked that maybe i can be nursing while completing my BSN. i also hear its hard to get hired without a BSN. congrats again
    I just wanted to update you guys and let you know that I took my NCLEX last Monday and I did indeed pass! I'm officially an RN!! Yay!
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    congrats! i start the program next week, any advice?
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    I have tons of advice and sent you my email address so you could keep in touch- believe me you will be ahead of the game knowing someone that finished that program! You should have a senior mentor- and I know a lot of those guys too. Utilize them- that is what they are there for. If your mentor doesn't do the best job, you can contact me. I also have tons of study guides and things like that I can send you.

    The best piece of advice I can give you is- nursing school is hard. Expect it. A lot of people think it is an "easy" way to get into the medical field because most programs are 2 years and that is simply not so. In those 2 years, you will learn tons of information and will come out thinking completely different. I went in with no medical background AT ALL and even if I had, nursing is not the same as being an aide or a tech. They will tell you that on the very first day.

    Shoot me an email. I'd be happy to help you out, future nurse!
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    I'm so excited! Thanks! and please believe me i will be contacting u verrrrrrrrry soon! lol classes start next week and i just checked pulse and saw that we have some power points and reading already!
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    hi, my classmate and i are currently obtaining our associate degree in allied health and were weighing our options on which nursing program is the best as far as between drexel university or thomas jefferson university, any kind of information will be helpful.

    thank you
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    Hi i would like to know how a typical week went for you and did you have any problems finishing your clinicals on time?
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    Classes are everyday: monday and tuesday clinical (in the beginning-lab), wednesday general studies classes, thursday lecture, friday didactic (lab prep) and exams.
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    Quote from rntobe2009
    Hi, I was just accepted to Thomas Jefferson University's ASN-BSN program for the Fall of 2009 . I'm just looking to communicate with others who have also been accepted.
    hi im new to this post i recently began looking into thomas jefferson university i currently hold a undergrad degree but with a low 2.4 gpa. i was wondering what you guys thought about my odds of getting into thomas jefferson
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    Hi sbernard! If you have a Bachelor's degree in another field already and are looking at Jefferson, you would probably want to consider the FACT program or the APW program. This thread is pretty old, plus it's a thread for those looking to transition from an ASN degree. You should visit this page and scroll through to find more recent Jefferson posts: PA Nursing Programs for Nurses | Nursing Students. I will be starting the APW program in September. Honestly, if there's any way that you could bring up your GPA, it would be helpful. I'm pretty sure they have a 3.0 minimum requirement for their accelerated FACT and APW programs. Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions about Jefferson!

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