Thomas Jefferson Pre Licensure 2012

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    I recently applied to Thomas Jefferson for their Pre Licensure, and went through their NURSINGCAS website and such, and now I'm waiting to hear back. Has anyone received their Jefferson Supplemental Application?



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    Hi there. I got my supplemental application for Pre licensure program last Friday 10/28.
    Good luck!
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    I did as well, and now everything is in a ready to go!! Good luck! Where are you coming from?

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    Hi there Dibbadee,

    I am from Bulgaria. Do you know when they willl respond?
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    According to their website if you applied prior to today (November 1st) then you will receive notice AFTER January 1st, but I've heard rumors from friends that you'll get an interview and they'll tell you that you got in.

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    Did you receive any response? Keep me posted if you dont mind.
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    I received an email yesterday for an interview with them!
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    Congratulations James! Thats awsome! Please tell me more. How many science classes and overall credits did you take. When is your interview?
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    Well, they sent an email in regards to making an appointment and I just gave them my availability.

    I have taken:

    A&P 1 and 2
    Gen Chem

    Currently taking:

    Micro- 98 in the class

    I currently have a 3.9 my overall GPA, and my sciences are 4.0.
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    Thanks a lot, good luck with your interview. I have 38 credits ready and currently taking micro and I need to take biochem and 3 other classes. I hope I hear back from them soon.

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