Thomas Jefferson Pre Licensure 2012 - page 4

Hey, I recently applied to Thomas Jefferson for their Pre Licensure, and went through their NURSINGCAS website and such, and now I'm waiting to hear back. Has anyone received their Jefferson... Read More

  1. by   Dibbadee
    I have a 4.0 in my sciences and a 3.9 CUM
  2. by   Evanaroyale
    So if mine is a 3.5 then Im not too bad then?
  3. by   Dibbadee
    I'm sure that'll do just fine ^__^

    Good luck to ya'!
  4. by   laurn109
    Has anyone who applied for the second review period heard anything yet?! March 1st is reallyyy soon and I'm getting nervous!
  5. by   laurn109
    I'm feeling like if I didn't get an email about an interview by now, then I probably was not accepted... does anyone have any info/insight about the admissions process? Thanks!
  6. by   Dibbadee
    I wouldn't sell yourself short! You never know what'll happen. My friend got accepted late in the game for Thomas Jefferson, just stay positive and call their admissions office and check in.
  7. by   happiness7
    Hello! I'm going to be a new apw student in fall '13 @ jefferson! I'm really excited yet nervous! Is anyone selling books, uniforms, school supplies, or even ipad (2 or 3 - 32gb)? I'm willing to buy anything you have! haha Please let me know! Thanks! )