The Reading Hospital School of Health Sciences 2012 - page 3

I'm applying to the Reading School of Health Sciences nursing program for the fall of 2012. Anyone else going to be applying? :nurse: I do have a question about the application process though. I... Read More

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    Do they really base Ur acceptance letter off the teas test??? I didnt do so good on
    It because I'm not a test taker.... I think I scored below average.... But I do work at the reading hospital and I got 2 references from 2 doctors as well... And my transcripts were good grades... What's everyone's opinion?????I'm nervous....
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    I'm looking for TEAS V scores, I seen one of you mention you had a 78? I believe which is above the average. If you guys could post what scores you all got, and if the director anyone has told you there requirements that would be great. I know penn state only requires a 50 overal.

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