The Promise of Nursing for Pennsylvania Gala

  1. attended last night's "the promise of nursing for pennsylvania gala" at the philadelphia marriott. i was selected by the vp of patient services to attend as the care unit representative for my health system along with a staff member of my choice. selected barbara as a dedicated rn who's retiring in june. this black tie optional event was attended by hundreds of nursing and nursing supporters from across the state's hospital and education systems to raise funding to address the nursing shortage in pa.

    sponsored by johnson and johnson's campaign for nursing's future along with pennsylvania higher education foundation (phef) this event raised $640,000. funds will be used for undergraduate nursing scholarships, graduate nursing education fellowships to prepare nurse faculty, and grants to pennsylvania nursing schools to help expand their program capacity with all money raised staying in pa.

    phef announced that $5,000 will be awarded to 30 nursing graduate programs in the name of fred di bonna, former president of independence blue cross (ibc) who recently died of cancer. ibc had donated $3 million for nursing education in 5 dounty philadelphia area 2 years ago.

    the hon. judge midge rendell (governor's wife) was featured speaker and announced that the state has earmarked $10 million dollars over the next four years for support of nursing education.

    for info to obtain these monies:

    student scholarships will be distributed through two organizations: foundation of the national student nurses association (nsna) and the pennsylvania higher education foundation (phef). any nursing student in pennsylvania may apply for these scholarship funds.

    info at:

    nsna website:

    phef website:

    faculty fellowships will be distributes though two organizations: the national league for nursing foundation for nursing education (nln) and the pennsylvania higher education foundation (phef). all nurses in pa interested in pursuing higher education to enable them to teach nursing may apply.

    info at:

    nln website:

    phef website:

    nursing school grants will be available to institutions that teach nursing. the objective of these grants is to enable institutions to expand their nursing program capacity, thereby increasing the number of students they can enroll. pa programs may send proposals to phef. for more information, contact them at:

    pictures of the event are posted at

    yes, my mug did make it. look for matronly rn with black and pink sequined top page 6+7---sparkles still shedding this am.
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