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Hi Everyone! I am starting the ACE Program Sept. 07. Anyone else?! I am so excited to finally be doing this! I'm looking for new friends (since i most likely won't see my current ones often!)... Read More

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    thanks for the info.

    i wonder why ms. breslin didn't call me. anyways, i'm glad to hear from other students that are starting this fall.

    i'm also looking for loans to pay for school. in the meantime, i'm trying not to think about how expensive this whole program is going to end up being!! do you know of anyone that was in the ACE program who received any loan forgiveness from hospitals? I've been looking for loan forgiveness programs, but I really didn't find any (except for the PHEEA thing).

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    Quote from jls485
    If you don't have insurance, you can get the the shots from Drexel, it's a walk in office in Drexel/Hospital. You will have to pay in cash.

    thanks. I'll give them a call to see approximately how much this would cost me.
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    Hi everyone! ~ I just got off the phone with Ms. Breslin. I just couldn't wait any longer, just in case I needed to schedule any time off from work. Orientation is scheduled for Friday, September 14th and will only last 1 day. Attendance is mandatory. Strange that it's being held on a weekday, though! The orientation packet will be mailed shortly. Ms. Breslin is awaiting a few pieces of information regarding CPR and first aid requirements/course offerings before she can mail the packet out to us.

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    Hi I am attending the ACE program in the fall as well! Very excited! I have been looking at loans and getting nervous about the money too...but most hospitals I have been told offer loan pay back incentives even if they are not part of the "loan forgiveness" program. So hopefully we will all be taken care of!
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    hey Jwan...its bridget from ethics! Ah what a small world....I hope mico is going well!!!

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