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Scope of Practice in PA

  1. 0 Hi everyone!

    I was wondering what the scope of practice is for an LPN in Pennsylvania without taking any additional courses after graduation. Which of these would I be allowed to do in a hospital as an LPN?

    - change dressings
    - subcut. & IM injections
    - IV therapy
    - IV meds
    - hang blood
    - d/c surgical drains
    - central lines

    Thank you so much!
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    I believe you can do subq/IM injections, IV antibiotics but not IV push or other IV meds, and change non-complicated dressings. I believe the rest requires a RN.
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    Thank you!
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    In the LTC setting, LPNs change dressings, give injections, flush IVs (except Picc and central lines) give IV meds except pushes, draw blood and start IVs, dc drains and staples.

    RNS do the TPN too and blood infusion (we don't hang blood in my current facility)
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