Salary information for West Penn Hospital

  1. Hi, I'm wondering where I can find salary information for nurses AND NPs at west penn hospital? I've searched the best I could and I haven't found anything.
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  3. by   CoffeeRTC
    Have you found any info on this? I find that in PGH, finding out how much nurses make is one wants to talk, haha. I've been at the same place/ job forever and am clueless if it is an okay rate.
  4. by   Love&Care
    I still have not found anything! I've torn apart Google looking for this kind of information, but I'm afraid you're right. Nurses in Pittsburgh don't talk. lol. From what I've heard from friends and such, the NPs in Pittsburgh they know make "really good money." That's all I get from people. "Good money" can mean anything depending on the person! ha. But I'm no sure about RNs. I have a family member who has been an RN for a long, long time...and she's never told me but I would say she's making between 85000-90,000. Definitely close to six figures, but I don't know how true this is for other nurses. I'm more interested in knowing the starting rate for RNs. I know UPMC doesn't pay well at all, but I know the West Penn Allegheny system is known for nursing excellence, with AGH nurses being in unions. So I've always assumed pay in that system would be a lot better for nurses than UPMC. But I am not sure.

    Do you currently work at West Penn or do you work at another Pittsburgh hospital?
  5. by   CoffeeRTC
    Wow..85-90K? What does she do? That has to be with OT. I dunno. I think we don't get paid enough in this area, haha.

    I'm in LTC. Seasoned nurses are making around 28-31 an hr...RN rates.