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Hi all! I applied to Penn State Altoona for their second degree program and received a letter that says I won't hear from them until possibly March. Is this common for them? Does anyone know what GPA they are looking for? I'm... Read More

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    Hi everyone!

    I'll be attending the program in the fall, but I'm getting increasingly worried about the lack of information on the program (aside from the medical entrance sheet). Does anyone even know our start date? Anything about scheduling? I emailed asking for information, hopefully something comes through quickly. Any alums/current students out there able to shed some light on this for us?? Thank you!

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    You will start the same time as the rest of the college - Monday, August 27. (Your Christmas break is the same as the schools, as is your spring break. We have a different summer schedule, however.) Fall 2012 Calendar

    ****DISCLAIMER**** I am getting times from the schedule of courses, which is subject to change!!

    Our first semester, we took NURS225 - Patho (M 0900-1150); NURS230 - Fundamentals (T 0630-1330, W 0900-1050); NURS250 - Prof Role Dev I (W 1200-1450 & Web); NURS251 - Health Assessment (R 0830-1130 & 1230-1420); NURS305 - Pharm (F 0900-1150). AGAIN, this is subject to change, but gives you an idea!!

    Have they given you a date for the summer orientation? (A day when you can come and learn more, possibly meet our class, order uniforms, etc.)

    I understand your stress, I was feeling the same thing last year at this time. I know it's no comfort, but hang in there!!
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    So I'm currently taking classes at a different college ... I'm working towards my bachelors degree in general science and I want to enroll into the second degree nursing program at penn state for fall 2015... But I'm so worried most of my classes wont be accepted by penn state. How exactly do they accept courses??? Do they go by that transfer credit tool that a transfer student can use.... Or do they simply just look at classes and say oh well it says they have a stats class done so it's good enough.... Let me know thanks!!

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