PSU Altoona 2nd Degree Program

  1. I recently got my letter of acceptance to PSU Altoona 2nd Degree Program. Has anyone else received their acceptance letter to this program? Looking to connect with students that will be starting this coming fall. Don't know a soul out there at the moment. Also wondering what to do about housing off campus.
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  3. by   tscharf
    I'm in the class that will be graduating Dec 2012. There is a ton of off-campus housing available; have you looked at the local paper ( to see if anything is listed to get an idea of what is available? (I live local, so I'm not much help with off-campus housing...)

  4. by   nancy.wong
    Thank you! I'll be making a quick trip to Altoona by mid May to tour the area and check out some places.

    I tried searching for 1bedroom apartments but no luck. I noticed in another post that someone else was also looking for 1 bedroom apartments. Do most of the apartment complexes in the area cater to students? I don't have a problem having a roommate but sometimes it becomes inconvenient to share a bathroom.

    How do you like the program so far?
  5. by   nancy.wong

    I have been trying to find the tuition cost for PSU second degree program but isn't posted on their site. I've also called the financial aid office and they can't seem to give me an answer. How much is the current tuition for the program?
  6. by   tscharf
    Penn State Altoona - Admissions Has tuition costs. Remember that you will have classes next summer (~$7200 this summer), too.
  7. by   nancy.wong
    Thank you! I'm surprised that they didn't have a set tuition specifically for this program. Tuition for Penn State is way less than George Washington University ($47,000) for this coming 2012 program!
  8. by   tscharf
    Were you able to make a trip to Altoona? Hope you are enjoying any down time before starting in August! :-)
  9. by   nancy.wong
    No I wasn't able to. I figured I would be able to check out apartments the same time as orientation. Do you have any advice on prepping for August?
  10. by   tscharf
    In all seriousness, relax and enjoy your summer. The program is intense, so downtime is somewhat limited. If you want to 'work ahead", consider working on medical terminology (if you haven't had a course in it). I don't know about your finances, but some members of our class worked to get some money to help them through the rest of the program prior to starting.
    Make sure you get all of your paperwork (clearances, physical, insurance, etc.) turned in on time. Be prepared to order uniforms at orientation. You will also need a stethoscope and white shoes (sneakers are fine). (You will need to purchase a lab bag from the school - it has a pair of scissors and a penlight in it.)
    Do you have any specific questions I can answer? Let me know!
    Oh, do you have a date for summer orientation yet? Thanks!
  11. by   nancy.wong
    Thanks!! Summer orientation is on Tuesday June 26! I was actually wondering what the initial semester is like. I'm excited to start but nervous at the same time knowing that clinicals start so fast into the program. I've been trying to let it sink in now rather than be in complete shock come time to deal with a real living person.
  12. by   tscharf
    At least for us, the first semester was Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, Fundamentals of Nursing, Health Assessment, and Professional Role Development I. I definitely stayed busy, but the workload is manageable. In retrospect, I'm very glad we were at the clinical site so quickly - by applying the skills we were learning, it "solidified" them in my head.