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    Hey everyone.. I am scheduled to take the psb RN test to get into St. Margaret school of nursing in January. I am deathly afraid because I tried to get into Shadyside in 2008 and I failed the science portion of the entrance exam.. scored in the 90's in all the other categories btw and that was almost 5 years ago! Not even sure if this is the same test.. does anyone have any pointers? I've ordered all the study guides, made flash cards, etc. It's just getting down to what kind of science questions does the test ask? Should I be studying the periodic table, or organ systems? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Moved to Pennsylvania State Nursing Programs for more response.
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    Did you end up getting in? I am scheduled to take the psb March 20! Any info would be helpful.

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    I did I took the psb at st Margaret idk if its the same but if so it really isn't that bad.. the spelling is terrible though, the math wasn't hard, reading was a bit of a challenge bc of the time constriction.. and I don't remember the rest so it wasn't that memorable lol
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    Lol okay! Hopefully I do pretty well :-)

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