PRN work in Philly or South Jersey area

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    Where are the jobs in Philly or South Jersey area for an experienced nurse (14 yrs) that would like to work PRN in an ICU, ER, or OR? I'll be starting nurse anesthesia school in Jan 2014 and will be relocating to Philly around October so I am only able to work on a PRN basis. I really prefer OR since most ORs you can work 4, 8, 10, or 12 hr shifts and its more flexible than working a 12 hr shift in an ICU? ER also provides a lot of flexibility in scheduling.

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  3. by   Avenger1
    I don't think you will have a problem finding well paying PRN work in Philly. Temple, Jefferson, HUP, St Chris's, CHOP, Hahnemann are all worth checking out. CHOP and St Chris's are children's hospitals though in case you want to avoid that.

    I know there's more options too that someone else may be able to chime in with but those are the biggest.