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Hello everyone! I will be moving from Phoenix VA hospital to Philadelphia VA. I was quoted 64,895$. I have 1 yr experience with BSN. Is this a good salary? That's a few thousand more than in Phoenix. Would you say the cost of... Read More

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    Thanks for the reply. I'm new to this site so not sure how to private message you. I've been working at the local VA for 20 years but unfortunately too young to retire but want to travel. When they told me I could keep my insurance I decided this might be the best thing for me. Did you keep your insurance? You are welcome to email me at Thanks again.


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    How hard was it to get in with the VA system? Looking to relocate to Philadelphia and checking out all options. Thanks!
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    Just curious....Is a BSN required for the VA system or are ADN's welcome?
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    Hi, all! I know it has been over one year since the last post on this discussion but I have a few questions for my fellow VA nurses. I work at Philly VAMC right now as a staff nurse in inpatient psych. I may be relocating to CO soon and am wondering if anyone has been to the Denver VAMC. I know it is closing soon to be replaced by a new one in Aurora so, it's a bit exciting to relocate and start with a new facility. Anyway, it sounds like a great opportunity but I have never been there. Is there anything I should know about besides the weather? What about living in Denver/Aurora? Any help would be greatly appreciated.Also, can someone tell me more about the Travel Nurse Corps? I have heard about it before but can't really find much on how to get in... I love Philly but I always get the 2-year itch to move on... Just wanna keep all of my options open.Thanks,Melissa
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    Hi. Can u tell me how much is the starting pay at the VA in Philly. I hv been applying for a while and I keep rcvg emails saying that I'm qualified and resume is being forwared. What exactly does that mean bc I hvnt rcvd and phone calls about interviewing
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    Hey Nurse Turbo, I decided against the travel corps, I did send them my application and a ton of paperwork they wanted and was scheduled for an interview but had some personal issues at the time so didn't interview, it did take a couple of months before I heard anything. Instead I decided to take a permanent position in Pueblo, CO at the VA Community Living Center (used to be called a nursing home) which has mostly long term psych patients. I trained in Denver for a week, older hospital, very nice people though. Most people in Colorado are nice, must be in the water, lol. I think the new hospital will be finished in 2014, they've just started building it. It sounds like it's going to be really nice though. The parking in Denver is horrendous, as I guess most big cities are. I did meet the VISN chief, she dropped by the CLC one evening, very nice, very approachable. Like I said most of the VA staff I have met have been great. I love Colorado, I came from Tennessee, so big difference. There's lots here, mountains, deserts and everything in between. Lots to do in Denver of course, headed up there tomorrow to spend a day and go to the Botanical Gardens for their Christmas lights then we are headed to Loveland, CO for a retreat. Pueblo is an older town, not too big, not too small and very cheap to live here and again great people. We had a bit of a blizzard today, not a lot of snow but lots of wind to blow it around, down in the single digits tonight then back up in the 50's by Friday. Hope I've helped a bit. If I can help out any more let me know. I have been working with an RN who works with the corps as a psych nurse, he likes it, has been here for 3 tours and is getting ready to head to Gainsville, FL.

    Sharon, don't get too discouraged the VA is notorious for for taking months before you get called for an interview and then more months to actually start the job. I've worked for them for 22 years and my transfer took about 6 months. Not sure why it takes them so long other than thorough background checks, finger printing etc. But I like it, I don't think I could ever go back to private hospitals. They really have been good to me over the years and I love working with the vets.
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    Quote from sharon2012rn
    Hi. Can u tell me how much is the starting pay at the VA in Philly. I hv been applying for a while and I keep rcvg emails saying that I'm qualified and resume is being forwared. What exactly does that mean bc I hvnt rcvd and phone calls about interviewing
    Hey, Sharon!
    It means hat your application basically qualifies and you are places on a list with other 'qualified' applicants. We just posted a position for RN's and received 129 'qualified' applicants!!! A BSN starts around $80K (I think). ADN starts around $50-60K so, it's definitely not worth it... Keep applying and check your application/resume! You really do have to put ALL of your experience on there! Just because you are a nurse doesn't mean they know what you are experienced in. For instance, Psych RN's rarely draw blood and manage IV meds unless they are med-psych RN's! Don't worry that your application is too long, the more you put on there, the better. Good luck!

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    Hi! Thanks for all of the great info! I agree that city parking is usually very crappy but in Philly we have a garage on site. If you aren't approved for it, the VA pays for off site parking with a shuttle. I had a phone interview with Denver for the inpatient psych nurse manager a few weeks ago. I haven't heard anything yet but I hope to get a call back for an in-person interview. I would LOVE to see the state. I also want to do some home-hunting to decide what city to move to. I'm thinking Aurora is ok but I can't stop thinking about the theatre shooting. I guess everyone suggests from PTSD from just being alive. Anyway, I'll let you know if anything else comes up. Right now, I am in he process of completing my MSN in Nursing Education. I have to eat my preceptorship approved... I plan to go for Psych NP afterwards. Do you know if psych NPs are used on an inpatient basis in CO? Philly doesn't use Psych NPs at all. We do have them in Primary Care, though...

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    Thanks for the information, do the VA hire new grads, I hv no experience other than clinicals
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    Quote from sharon2012rn
    Thanks for the information, do the VA hire new grads, I hv no experience other than clinicals
    Right now, PVAMC is in the process of developing Clinical Nurse Leader positions so new grads can be accepted into the system. I can't tell you how long the process will take before new grads can be accepted but I can tell you that it will be a wonderful change in the system as new grads may be better able to adjust to the Veteran population (and their ways) as well as more eager to learn since that have been struggling with job placement for so long...

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