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Hi -- I'm new to this board. I've read a lot of contradictory things about the nursing job market in Philly. For example, I gather that it's terrible and new grads can't find jobs (see recent article... Read More

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    Here's the article you're talking about:

    I worked with someone who graduated in May and while he did find a job, he had a hard time finding one and he was a strong candidate.

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    This is a good thread. Very informative. I too, have a Bachelors but I want to pursue an Associates in Nursing.
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    well this is discouraging.... im a pre nursing student who is getting certifeid in phlebotomy and getting my CNA first hopefully that experience will help me.. but im going for my ADN....
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    Hi. Just curious, if the market has changed since the original post is 2010? Also, are there no jobs in Philly or does that also apply to hospitals outside the city, like Bucks/Montgomery Counties. I am finishing up pre-requisites right now as well as applying to several schools for the ABSN and feeling a little discouraged after reading this post. I'm hoping it has changed a bit. Could you let me know.
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    People are starting to hire, but it is still tough to get a hospital job. That article is correct...when the shortage begins, hospitals are going to be pumping money out to do refresher courses for the thousands that were not able to land acute-care experience.

    The best advice is to network. I got to know a few nursing recruiters from area hospitals, and I kept refreshing the résumé. I landed a job based on this person's tips, interviewed well, and got the job.
    Go out to nursing career fairs; talk to recruiters, most are willing to give great career advice. I'm glad I took the advice!
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    My casual search has shown that in general hospitals are posting more RN positions. Unfortunately most of these are still wanting experience. About 40%-50% are looking for someone with a BSN. However, when you compare this to the raw number of nursing jobs of any stripe that were being posted 2-3 years ago, the rising numbers are encouraging. As the number of empty positions grows, job-seeking nurses may be able to compensate for lack of BSN or acute care experience by playing up other talents, skills and experiences. Selling yourself effectively (but truthfully!) remains your best tactic for landing a job in a difficult market. But from my completely not-scientific research the market here seems to be loosening up just a little bit.

    Good luck out there!

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