Penn State Hershey nurse residency

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    Hi all,

    Just want to see if anyone else has applied to the July 2013 new grad residency program. I live in Cali so this would be a big move for me, but it seems like an awesome place to work. Plus, the job market here is horrible for new grads even if you have connections!!

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    I just submitted my questionnaire! I am going for heart and vascular critical care of MICU. What are you going for? Will you have a BSN? Good luck!
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    Hello all I applied for HVICU and med/surg and neuroscience, I guess it will be some time before we find out if we are selected for interviews. Good luck to all!
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    Good luck to you too! I will not have a BSN, but I have applied to some and I mentioned that in my cover letter. My choices were: cancer institute, med/surg, and HV progressive care.

    Do you both live near Penn State Hershey?
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    to babybluelife I live in Lancaster County (one county over) probably 20-25 minute drive. I have been contemplating BSN programs and probably will start with Kaplan U in march through online. I actually did some of my clinical at Hershey during my RN program, It was a fantastic experience!
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    Glad this thread was started

    I also applied. I'm working on my clinical narrative, which is how I found this post. Never did one before so I'm struggling! But on the questionnaire I chose ER, HVICU, and SICU. I would say "anything in critical care" but at this point, anything at Hershey would make me happy! Just want to get my foot in the door.

    Good luck, everyone!
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    I live in New Jersey. It is about 2 and a half hours from me. But I would be happy to move if I got a spot.
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    Hi pajama_mama. Yes, the clinical narrative did take a while for me to write, I have never written one either. Hopefully, it's what they were looking for! Good luck!
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    babybluelife, my fingers are crossed as well! On the questionnaire I chose SICU, but when I recently went back to FAQ site, it showed that the number of interns being accepted was "0" I could SWEAR it was 3 before! Got my confirmation today that they received everything and to just wait it out. NOT EASY!!!
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    That is strange. I wonder if it had to do with the amount of funding the have for each department. Maybe they'll love you and offer you a spot in SICU, who knows! I can't wait either, it seems like an eternity away from now...

    Are you graduating this semester?
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