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Has anyone else been accepted for Fall 2013 into PSU Altoona's Second Degree Nursing Program? I just recieved my letter of acceptance and am looking to meet more people in the program and hoping to... Read More

  1. by   nvitkuske
    I learned that the reason we are getting this error message is because we are in a "contingent status" meaning we have not yet graduated/completed all of the prerequisites. Once we graduate we should be able to schedule our classes What campus are you at? Do you know your living situation yet for this fall frizzle89?
  2. by   frizzle89
    I'm currently at University Park and am struggling to find a decent off campus location to live. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I find a place before August.
  3. by   nvitkuske
    I'm looking to find a roommate for off campus housing in Altoona, but I haven't started looking yet. I hope I can find a place.
  4. by   alissa.carl
    Hey everyone!! I am going for the 2nd degree RN program @ Altoona too in the fall! I have a 2 bedroom appt and its BRAND NEW. I need a roomie !!! I see you guys are looking to... would you be interested?
  5. by   ewlsn14
    are you guys all going to orientation on June 24? and how much have you gotten done so far with the Certified Background stuff we have to do?
  6. by   frizzle89
    I plan to be at the orientation. Finished up the Certified Background a few weeks ago, but still waiting to get a the verification email from the nursing office (what a pain in the butt). Looking forward to meeting all of you.
  7. by   frizzle89
    Also, I was wondering if any of you would be interested in joining a facebook page for our program. I set up a page. Please feel free to join.
  8. by   wysiwyg34
    I will be attending orientation. I have ha everything but the flu shot done on certified background for about a week now. I know that there is a lady looking to rent out a house near the campus. I actually spoke to her by accident when calling food services. If anyone wants her info just let me know ��
  9. by   awilliamsesu
    Hi guys! I'll be applying for the second degree BSN at Altoona for Fall 2014 and I was hoping someone could answer a few questions I have about the program.

    1. Does the admission's committee look at the cumulative GPA for the pre-requisite classes only, or the applicant's overall bachelor's degree GPA in addition to the pre-requisite classes? I'm just worried because my cumulative undergrad GPA is around a 2.9, but my pre-req GPA is a 3.7.

    2. Will classes and clinicals be held during the week only, or are some over the weekend? How long are classes and clinicals each day?

    3. When does the application cycle open for transfer students for the Fall 2014 program? I saw applications open for fall in September, but does the second degree program open earlier than this? I know the deadline is November 30.

  10. by   BS403942
    Hey awilliamsesu,

    I'm in the current program graduating in December 2013.....

    1. My cumulative GPA was a 2.8 and I was accepted. It's a really tough program and honestly I think they accept some people in the hopes that they will fail (to maintain their 100% pass rate) but if you work really hard you can make it through!

    2. Classes and clinicals are held during the week only. I work along with the program and I'm able to get in about 20 hours/week...the times really depend on the semester, but clinicals usually range from 6am-3pm and classes from 8-2pm. In the fall semester you have a lot more class time and only one day of clinical. Then it increases kind of as the semesters go one. You will be done by 4pm at the very latest every day though...most days sooner than that.

    3. I have no idea when the application cycle opens! I know the deadline is in November!

    Hope that helps!!
  11. by   awilliamsesu

    Thank you so much for your reply, it was very helpful!

    "I think they accept some people in the hopes that they will fail (to maintain their 100% pass rate)..."

    ^ Hmm... This is interesting.
  12. by   ashleykayb
    Hello everyone!

    I am also planning on applying for the Penn State second degree program in Fall 2014. I am currently a Senior at Penn State main campus studying Human Development & Family Studies. I will be graduating this May, so from what I have been told, I cannot apply until I file my intent to graduate this January. Has anyone else went through this process and know when I should be receiving a letter declaring whether I was accepted or not? I know for those who are not currently enrolled at Penn State have the November 30th deadline, so I wanted to know if anyone else applied after their intent to graduate.

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