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Has anyone else been accepted for Fall 2013 into PSU Altoona's Second Degree Nursing Program? I just recieved my letter of acceptance and am looking to meet more people in the program and hoping to find a possible roommate. I... Read More

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    No i haven't received anything yet. I wonder if they will be sent to my house back home or if it will be sent to my address up here at Penn State. I'll let you girls know if I get mine soon! And let me know if you hear anything! Also Nicole, let me know if you're free to meet up somewhere downtown or on campus!

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    When I spoke to Suzanne a few weeks ago she mentioned we would receive something by the end of the first week of April so maybe it is on its way! Did either of you find any information on tuition? I couldn't find the second degree specifically on the bursar web page. I'm wondering if its the same as a four year degree would be.
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    Have either of you recieved your nursing packets yet? I was told we would get them by late march or early april and I have yet to recieve anything. I'm getting a little bit worried....
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    For some reason I am just now seeing both of your last comments....weird. But I would love to meet up on campus! We could grab lunch at panera or something! I will be out of town the week of the 22nd so anytime before that let me know!
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    Got my packet over the weekend! Looks like there is a lot we have to do before we begin.
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    I just received mine too! The fun is just beginning!
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    Have you girls scheduled your classes yet?
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    I haven't. I'm guessing this might be done at orientation or at least we might get more info there. Have you heard anything about scheduling?
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    No I haven't. I e-mailed **** to see if we schedule at orientation or online, I will let you know what she says.
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    Thanks, that would be helpful! I'm also wondering about the preceptorship In the last semester. I guess I'll have to email as well.

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