P.I.T.C vs Eastern center for tech and arts

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    Hi I'm new on here and was browsing for a while I see some give out good advice so I would like some for myself.. I am looking to start the LPN program at either school in Philadelphia in jan or feb. I know for sure that Eastern classes start in feb.. Has anyone went to either schools and why did you choose the school.? Also how are the classes I have seen a bit bad reviews about pitc but I know it's a new year and things change so any advice please help thanks ☺

    P.s I'm not sure if I'm writing on the right thread..I'm new

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    hey, i dont go to either school... after visiting.. didnt like either!!! im jn philly area as well but i decided to go to newcourtland pratical nursing school on germantown ave in nw.. they have 3programs a year... jan 18mos, april 15mos and sept 12mos.. ill be going to the sept class.. so far i like them, they are new snd have been accred. since nov. of last year... school had only been open 2years!! just throwin that out there! good luck though
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    Oh yes!! I have heard of them and after consideration I will be attending them in April.. For the 15 month program now do u know if you have to have pre reqs before u start.. I will be attending an open there on Friday.. Thank you

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