P.I.T.C vs Eastern center for tech and arts

  1. Hi I'm new on here and was browsing for a while I see some give out good advice so I would like some for myself.. I am looking to start the LPN program at either school in Philadelphia in jan or feb. I know for sure that Eastern classes start in feb.. Has anyone went to either schools and why did you choose the school.? Also how are the classes I have seen a bit bad reviews about pitc but I know it's a new year and things change so any advice please help thanks ☺

    P.s I'm not sure if I'm writing on the right thread..I'm new
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  3. by   eklecticsol
    hey, i dont go to either school... after visiting.. didnt like either!!! im jn philly area as well but i decided to go to newcourtland pratical nursing school on germantown ave in nw.. they have 3programs a year... jan 18mos, april 15mos and sept 12mos.. ill be going to the sept class.. so far i like them, they are new snd have been accred. since nov. of last year... school had only been open 2years!! just throwin that out there! good luck though
  4. by   chareewilkins
    Oh yes!! I have heard of them and after consideration I will be attending them in April.. For the 15 month program now do u know if you have to have pre reqs before u start.. I will be attending an open there on Friday.. Thank you