Nursing role in informed consent

  1. I am trying to gather information that has to do with informed consent in Pennsylvania for a paper I am writing. I found an act that mentions it...act 13 of 2003 section 504, but it says nothing about the role of the nurse, it only talks about the physican. I thought the role of the nurse was to WITNESS that the patient recieved informed consent....right? I can't seem to find any laws in Pennsylvania. Are there actual LAWS / LEGISLATION that mention what the RN's role is? or does it depend on the facility the RN works at? if you can, will you please include a website with your answer so I may use it as a reference? THANKS!!!!
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    I hope someone can help :uhoh21:
    Even if it doesn't pertain to PA..... I'd appreciate anything, really!!
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    Thank You so much Karen!!! Those were some awesome websites, I am sure I will use a couple as references! Thanks for your help! I really really mean that!!!
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    Registered nurses are not permitted to give informed consent in any state of the USA....this is to be given by a nurse practitioner, a physician assistant, or Physician. Please check with your state well as policy's at your facility......You are putting your license at risk if you perform this. Informed consent is stating you are telling the patient about the benefits and risks of the procedure.......Also imagine being in court because the patient had an adverse outcome of a procedure you gave informed consent for....How are you going to answer the prosecutor when he asks you "with all your years of experience and level of education why did you perform informed consent when it is not in your scope of practice to do so?" You are only to witness signature.....
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    To be clear, a healthcare member cannot "give informed consent" anyway. I think some might be confused. This is actually a statement given by the client that they understand the information about the treatment or procedure including but not limited to risks and alternatives, by an advanced practice professional. Nurses can only witness the client's signature after the client indicates that they understand what the provider explained to the client. If the client still has questions about the procedure, it is the nurse's responsibility to seek the provider to answer those questions. This of course is in the NCLEX hospital.