New Graduate RN's at CHOP

  1. hey all! any other new grads starting at CHOP in December? i will be in the PICU
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  3. by   Elliot.Kane
    I'm currently doing my peds clinical at CHOP. It's such an awesome facility. How was the hiring process for CHOP? Which school did you graduate from?
  4. by   hapahaole
    hey! what floor are you precepting on? I submitted my resume online and the talent strategist contacted me about a week later to set up an interview... i'm currently living in san francisco so i flew out for the interview. i was interviewed by an HR representative, one of the charge nurses on the floor, and shadowed a nurse for 5 hours on the floor. it was about a 7 hour interview (usually the shadow day is separate but since i was flying from so far they clumped it into one day). i didn't hear anything for about a week and last night i got a call that i got the job! now it's just making sure that i'd completed fingerprinting, the child abuse screen, etc... you can pm me if you want more details.

    i graduated from the university of san francisco with my BSN in may 2012
  5. by   missy32
    You're from CA and got a job at CHOP in philly. How did you manage to get an interview when they don't seem to be interviewing people actually from the philly area.
  6. by   hapahaole
    like i said before, i'd submitted my resume online for one of the new grad positions. (i'd actually applied for a CVICU position but my resume got forwarded to PICU who contacted me). i didn't have any inside or prior connections.
  7. by   missy32
    I didn't mean to come off rude. How long was it from when you applied and when they called you. Did you have any prior experience in the medical field. I'm just curious as to if there's something I'm missing or just the process works much slower then I'd like. Thanks for you help.
  8. by   hapahaole
    no worries i didn't take it as rude! as far as experience, i did my senior preceptorship in the PICU and also worked at a pediatric urgent care clinic while i was still in nursing school. i am currently employed as a nurse's aide on an adult medical-surgical floor at UCSF Medical Center but i'm not sure if that would have been a pertinent part of why they contacted me. hope that helps -
  9. by   cmmiller85
    Quote from hapahaole
    hey all! any other new grads starting at CHOP in December? i will be in the PICU
    @hapahaole - I have an interview the end of this month to decide if I will be added to the pool and move forward to individual hiring managers. Any tips? Thanks!
  10. by   hapahaole
    Quote from CM-RNBSN
    @hapahaole - I have an interview the end of this month to decide if I will be added to the pool and move forward to individual hiring managers. Any tips? Thanks!
    CM-RNBSN CONGRATS!! That's a huge accomplishment, I'm thrilled to hear you'll be interviewing. What unit are you interested in working on? I'd prepare for questions like: a time you coped with a difficult situation w coworker, why did you choose the area you want to work in, why PA if you're moving from out of state. Expressing enthusiasm for peds is an obvious must.

    I've found that practicing and perfecting "storytelling" to illustrate answers to interview questions has been profoundly impactful. I've memorized 5 stories (one to highlight a difficult situation and how I coped with it, one to demonstrate why I chose the PICU, so on and so forth...) and they are often applicable to any number of questions they throw your way. So, that way you can sound polished and your stories are more memorable than any generic, cliche answer they've probably already heard.

    For my first hospital interview (not CHOP) I video-taped myself going through each of my five practiced "stories" and answering other probable interview questions. I watched the tape over and was able to assess what needed to change in terms of speech, movement, facial expression, etc. I found it to be immensely helpful in critiquing myself.

    Best of luck, keep us updated!
  11. by   cmmiller85
    @hapahaole - I had my interview today and I think it went well. The only thing is, I forgot to ask for my interviewer's card so I can send a thank you note. What an idiot! I've never forgotten to ask for this and now I don't know what to do. Hopefully it wont mess up my chances.
  12. by   pbajil
    It boggles my mind to see proof that new grads are being hired at CHOP constantly. I have over 10 years of experience, a BSN, and they refuse to give me the time of day.
  13. by   cmmiller85
    So then where do the new grads get experience?
  14. by   OneDayAttaTime
    Do you remember the interviewers' name? If so, DM me I can probably get the info for you. I work at CHOP...was hired as a new grad ;-)