Neumann University Part Time Nursing Program

  1. Hi!
    I am interested in earning my BSN, I already have a bachelors degree so an accelerated program could be an option but I would also like to work while I am in school. I was thinking of doing the part time option at Neumann University. Just wondering if anyone has done that program and could tell me how they like it!
    Any advice would be appreciated!
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  3. by   chuckster
    I work in a non-healthcare setting and one of my colleagues is presently in the Neumann PT program. She seems to be handling it well. I did the eve/weekend program at DCCC while working 60+ hours per week with a bit of business travel thrown in for good measure. The hardest part for me was handling the clinical rotations, which in my case were all day every Sat & Sun. When you work 60 hrs/wk, study time is hard to come by, particularly if your weekends are tied up. Won't say it was easy but it certainly can be done.

    I'd also point out that Neumann is a very high cost way to get to RN though. There are considerably lower cost option such as the CC route, then once you have your RN, do an on-line RN-BSN. Total cost could be under $10k this way. You can also do the MSN for 2nd degree students once you have your RN but this is considerably more costly and depending on your program, may not be available on a PT basis or offered on-line.

    Like you, I also have a prior degree and thought about an accelerated BSN (actually applied to and was accepted at Jeff in their accelerated BSN to MSN program for 2nd degree students). In the end, I decided on the ADN through DCCC and then RN-BSN on-line. The MSN is still on the cards but the BSN should take only a year - which is about the same amount of time you'd need to spend on completing the MSN bridge courses (required if you're not a BSN) and is less expensive to boot. The plan now is to find a nursing job that has educational benefits once I've completed the BSN and let someone share the tuition bill for the MSN.