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Hello All, I wanted to know if anyone has attended Neumann's nursing program. If so, could you please tell me what to expect? I'm just anxious and nervous about finally starting their evening... Read More

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    Does anyone know what happens if you fail out of Neumann?? Can I try a different school or won't I be able to get in if I have two failures in my nursing classes??? Anyone???

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    Lacygirl: Did you speak with the advisement board at your school? Can you appeal the decision? Did you make an appt with the dean of the nursing dept? Did you meet with your professor regarding your grade?

    You will be able to transfer to another school but you might have to start over from the beginning. You aren't the first nor the last person that this has happened to. I know you are disappointed but you just have to work hard to find another school..but my first option would to speak with the dean first.
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    I haven't failed out of the Neumann Nursing program yet but just in case I was wondering if I can try another school. I am very disappointed that there isn't much help, such as tutors at this school. I know the Dean of Nursing knows of this problem but I don't see the school changing and it is very upsetting to me, especially since I owe so so much money on loans. They try to get you to change your major to Psychology, but what I am going to do with that degree? I think with proper tutors I would be okay. Does anyone know of an outside company that helps with tutoring in nursing???
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    Try talking to your counselors and instructors.... I am new to Neumann and am currently in Nur 206 so I can't really say much but I know that they've been willing to help when I needed it.
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    How are any of those Neumann nursing students doing????
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    @lacygirl I'm making it.....Its a little rough for me but i'm hanging on.....I will let you know how this semester goes..
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    FYI minorities get specialized tutoring and paid for it at Neumann. You should inquire about it.
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    Hi Ceema,

    I am a sophomore nursing student at Neumann right now, are you still there? To other future nursing students who are interested in the nursing program, please don't just go by what people say. The nursing program is difficult everywhere, but from experience and talking to my friends from other colleges, Neumann seems a bit more selective because of the "77%" grade requirement for passing. Also, you can only retake a class twice before getting kicked out of the program. It is tough yes, but they are just just trying to prepare you for the real world. The people that I study with including myself all do really well on your exams. It is difficult yes, but if you study and know how to study effectively, there is no worries. Good luck!
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    Hi i was wondering if anyone knew how hard it was to get into neumanns full time nursing major. i am going to be a senior in high school and was considering neumanns program. Thank you!
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    It is not hard at all to get it, but staying in past your sophomore year is where the challenge lies. The nursing program here is not joke. We started with 250 students during the sophomore year, and now the junior class is left with 80 students. And I hear from the seniors that by then, there will be around 40 students left. If you are compassionate, hard-working, you will survive. It's tough but they prepare you very well for the NCLEX. I get a lot of compliments from the patients and nurses at clinical and that's because of the instructor at Neumann.

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