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Has anyone applied to the Main Line Health nurse residency that was posted with the deadline of January 2013? Curious to see if anyone has heard anything from them either way, about an interview (or not). I would normally just... Read More

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    I had an interview weeks ago (internal applicant) and am still waiting to hear back about the second round. Has anyone out there who has interviewed heard anything? I don't know if the rumors I read on here about them only interviewing internal applicants or how many positions they have are true. I'm sorry they have been keeping some of you in the dark for so long about your status. Don't waste your time applying to staff nurse positions at main line health if you're a new grad, they only hire new grads into the residency program. Hope you all find something soon

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    Yes, I have heard not to bother applying to staff nurse jobs. I actually don't even remember when I had applied for those, it was probably before I knew better lol. I think it's crazy. I understand they are busy, but it's been months and nothing! I have talked to two internal candidates who have had the first interview and haven't heard anything yet about a second. I do have healthcare experience so I'm still hopeful that I will get an interview, since I haven't received a rejection yet. Fingers and toes crossed for all of us!!!
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    I still have yet to hear any feedback regarding my application. This is so nerve-racking!
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    Me neither! I'm thinking about calling at this point. Some people have received rejection emails without even getting an interview, but I still have yet to hear either way. I think it's time to make a phone call!
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    I've called and emailed and haven't heard anything, so let me know if you do please.
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    Will do!
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    FYI -- I just talked to a nurse I know who works for MLH and is also a clinical instructor. She said one of her students who is not/never was a MLH employee got an interview and was rejected. So maybe they are starting to interview external applicants now. This gives me some hope. I called and left a message for HR, hoping to hear back soon!
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    ...also, I handed all my materials on the last day they were due because I was waiting for my transcripts. This may be another reason I haven't heard, if they are contacting people in the order the materials were received. Just a thought. I hate being at the mercy of a very busy HR dept, but such is the nature of the business!

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