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Has anyone applied to the Main Line Health nurse residency that was posted with the deadline of January 2013? Curious to see if anyone has heard anything from them either way, about an interview (or not). I would normally just... Read More

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    I have heard from two people now who have had their first interview and they were both externs, so they are definitely interviewing them first before those of us external candidates. I also spoke with a nurse I know who works at riddle who said just because an extern applies doesn't mean they are a shoe-in for the residency, so at least it's comforting to know that we all are given the same chance. I'm assuming they are wrapping up extern interviews and will be starting with the rest soon, because the girls I know interviewed a while ago. Let's keep each other posted for sure of we hear anything! Here's to all of us getting accepted! this job search is BRUTAL!!!!

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    I heard that they had so many internal applicants that they are not even interviewing anyone else..... Like 90+ internal applications for only 70 total spots.... Just a rumor
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    Omg are you serious? I really hope that's not true. I'm going to call the nurse I know tomorrow and ask her to ask around about that and ill let you know. This job search is so utterly depressing, I feel like I'm losing my mind. Some nursing shortage, eh?
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    I go to a school not far from this hospital and go to school with girls who work there. I heard that all internal employees are guarenteed an interview. Other posts are probably correct that they are conducting those first before getting to the external applicants. Good luck you all!
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    I got my rejection email yesterday
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    I believe it's their system just like mercy Fitzgerald I've been applying to that hospital for the longest and I keep getting the same rejection email and I have extensive background experience and still get the same email. I don't get it with the hospital websites when u apply.
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    Quote from newnurse44
    I got my rejection email yesterday
    Did you even get a chance to interview? I haven't received any feedback at all...positive or negative, and didn't get an interview yet either...
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    Hi all, I applied to this program too and haven't had any feedback either...
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    I just got a rejection interview.
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    That stinks This whole new grad trying to find a job process stinks! I did receive two rejection emails on the same day you got your rejection, but they were staff nurse jobs I had applied for thru MLH. Still nothing for the residency.

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