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  1. Hello, I'm taking the teas exam at LTI next friday at the center city campus. I would like to know what type of questions are on the exam i heard it is just reading and math i'm not that good in math, so what type of math questions are on the exam so i can know what to brush up on:uhoh21: Also, how is the LPN program at the LTI center city campus Did anyone get a job after completing this program? How was clinicals? sorry for all the questions just curious. Thanks in Advance ...
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  3. by   Philly_LPN_Girl
    Hey I took the Teas V test at LTI April 13th of this year and passed the test, I start August 8th. It is really easy, you need a 54.8 % or higher for Reading and a 33% or higher for math. get the ATI book to study from it is excellent and have the same exact things on the test from that book. As far as reading, you have to read a passage and find out the main idea, the point of the passage, basically comprehending, a few math word problems, etc. As far as math, study percentages (all including converting to a decimal and back, etc), fractions including adding, subtracting, converting to percentages, basic math, a few geometry problems, etc Good Luck
  4. by   Lala potential LPN
    Thank you for your response, hopefully I pass and be able to start august 8th as well. Are you going to the LTI in center city?
  5. by   MrsNurse2012
    That is a new program. The DoN is great, she was my clinical intructor at the LTI moorestown campus. I am in my 4 term, I graduate sept 2012. The teas is basic college math. My test had a lot of fractions. GL