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    Hey I am doing my LPN to RN through achieve test prep and just took my first test ...health safety 104 and passed with a C so not happy about that. I studied and I feel that the actual exam had nothing to do with the info I was taught. Help anyone else out there like me

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    I just stumble upon that recently.... so you don't recommend it?
    What about all the support and tutoring they say the provide?
    Things you did in class don't reflect the test content?

    ( sorry so many questions)
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    Do you know any one who has used it and completed the program completely through them? Are you going to contine to use them for the rest of your schooling?
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    was looking for an alternative so i can get through this course,and i am unable to do it at my community college.i stumbled upon achieve yesterday and i tried to look into it further.i had a virtual appointment with one of their representatives and he was very helpful and answered all of my questions. i was relieved that when i asked him if i could take just one or two classes... he said yes! i am excited to know that even though i am stuck in a contract i can seek support and take just one class with achieve if that is all i need. he let me know about the fees and charges, and they seemed reasonable. i loved that the program is accelerated because honestly doing the entire program on-line is hard enough, not to mention its even more difficult without the motivation, with out deadlines and with out an instructor or support. at this time i have not enrolled with them because i have some reservations. its a very strong possibility that i will enroll after i have gotten more feedback from others. i thank you all for posting your comments it has given me more to think about.... after the treatment i recieved toy from the academic support at tcn i dont think i am going to continue to persue with tcn.
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    Hey a "C" is passing and I'm sure you will do better on the next try. Plus the topics in some of the nursing class were taught to me during my lpn classes. A friend of mines said you just graduated and got your license sign up and start excelsior but use achieve prep to do it for the additional help. She said she did that and loved it. So when I had the meeting at achieve I felt like yes this is where I want to get my RN. Also print out the content guide that excelsior provides for free. My friend said she used both achieve and excelsior content guide
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    Anyone doing this school in NJ? I'm interested to hear more about how good/bad Achieve is.
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    I just signed up in dec. I am taking a &p online. Im very unsure as instructor is nice but
    just reads from her power point. Im doing everything I can to make sure Im ready for the test.
    I am in NJ. Another LPN I work with is also taking this program also. I think my next class will
    be in a class not online. Lots of info in a 4 hr time frame.
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    Thanks for responding. I have two friends that are interested but kind of unsure about the program.
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    How is the program going for you? Would you recommend registering for their program? I'm thinking about registering for their LPN-RN Bridge program.
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    Is this a Test prep school and you also have to attened a college?

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