Lehigh Valley - Agency Pay Rates

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    Just wondering what the agency pay rates are for Private Duty Home Health (RN) in the
    Lehigh Valley.

    Am thinking of signing on with either Bayada Nurses or Loving Care Agency, and wanted
    to get an idea of the pay rate and health-insurance benefits.

    Also, if anyone has any additional suggestions with respect to agency nursing (private
    duty adult or pediatric) in the Lehigh Valley area ... please post.


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    I'm interested in these agencies also in the LV. I'd like to hear who's giving quality care to the kids (one agency was backsliding a couple years ago but I hope it got back to it's former standards) Any suggestions? Also, Bayada seems to be the only one posting demographics on some patients. I know it's a privacy issue but I'm looking for a baby/toddler vent type case. (and yes... I have the private and hospital experience to be a bit selective, IMO)
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    They pay a little low for my tastes I actually work out of sellersville office for bayada because they deal with quakertown area which isn't too far from allentown, etc. anywhere between 22-25 per hr depending on experience and how hard the case is... I was able to make $3 more per hr out of sellersville and they are awesome nd truly do care for pts imo

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