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This is a repost but haven't received any replies back :confused: . If you were a student or is currently at Lancaster, I would really appreciate any thoughts, inputs, advice. More specifically, I... Read More

  1. by   Nicole2980
    Rookie1 I know you can make up clinical but not theory! That's how it was last fall.
  2. by   rookie1
    Hi Nicole2980,thanx for the input, is theory the lecture part? will I be penalized big time for this :-( , I'm hoping to get in contact with my teacher prior to even starting classes to explain that planned week out. sorry to hear about your theory class, I you don't mid me asking, what happened?
  3. by   Nicole2980
    Hey rookie1 no I don't mind that you ask. All you need is 74% to pass theory (which is the lecture part)..I thought oh that shouldnt be a problem..well at the end I was crapping every point I could get I only had 73.2% and failed! The teachers actually say in the beginning (that's how it was when I started) if you plan something big like a wedding you better of doing it when your on break! Now I don't wanna scare you..It's manageable if you doing good in class! But I'm 90% sure they wont give you make up classes and if it's a date you have an exam you loose 10% on the make up exam ;( I'm really sorry! Ask a class mate to collect all the papers during lectures for you..I wish you all the luck and I hope it works out for you!One more thing..Nursing school is NOTHING like any class/college you visit before.
  4. by   tas026
    I think for your semester, you will be able to pick your own classes. I know that the school chose mine, but they are using a new program this year. As for missing, I knew someone who did, and she ended up doing just fine during the semester. It's all about how you plan it out. You don't necessarily need to get in contact with anyone besides your clinical instructor unless you will be missing a test. If you are missing an exam, I would contact Wendy (you'll meet her) and tell her your situation. If I remember correctly, you will actually have to study the material and take the exam before you plan to miss time. I can't remember if that means you will still get 10% deducted or not. I think missing clinical is the biggest thing. You will be missing 8 hours, and you are only allowed to miss 16 during the entire semester. If you ever have to miss again, make sure you are only missing a few hours, not the entire 8. You will make up clinical at the end of the semester after you test for your physical assessment.

    Like Nicole said, it is difficult. It will be nothing like your pre-reqs. I also think it will be a lot easier for you because you have your pre-reqs finished. You will be able to focus on your nursing classes instead of having to worry about A&P or writing a paper for English class. You'll also only have to go to school 3 days a week, which is really nice and gives you plenty of time to work and study. I took a lot of my pre-reqs before hand, I still had some left, but I had a lot less than most of my friends in class. My best advise for you is to not fall behind. It is tempting to be the typical college student and miss class, but you really can't. Unless you are strapped down to a hospital bed, go to class!!!! Start studying when they give you the information, not right before a test. It will be a relief when everyone else is cramming and you just have to do a quick review!

    As for clinical, always do all of your paperwork. Fill out everything you can before-hand. I knew a kid that NEVER finished his paperwork, and he didn't pass the class. Practice all of your skills as much as you possibly can. Be able to do it with your hands tied behind your back and blind folded! Even if you think you know it, practice more because it's harder to do when you're nervous (which you will be!) About two months into your semester, you will have to demonstrate taking vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, RR), giving an injection, and inserting a catheter. The injection will be chosen randomly, so you will have to know the information for all of them. You will also randomly get either a male or female patient for cath, but I didn't find that it was too different. You have two chances that day to pass. If you don't pass, you will have to come back and do remedial work and then retake it again. At the end of the semester, you perform a head to toe physical assessment on your partner from memory.

    Honestly, not to brag or anything, but I feel like I was just born to be in healthcare for some reason. Most of the stuff just comes naturally to me. I didn't spend all that much time studying, and I ended up with a high B in both courses. Everyone is different, so you just have to find out what works for you and what doesn't. The first test is only worth 25 points, so figure it out then and then improve yourself from there.

    Just study, study, study (if you find you have to), practice as much as possible. Find a good group of friends that you can depend on! Do all of the work you have to so you are on your clinical instructor's good side! Do EVERY assignment, even if it's worth 1 point or 20. It will help you in the long run! You will do just fine. I would say good luck, but you don't even need luck!
  5. by   rookie1
    @tas026 - WOW, thank you so much for the in depth info, you don't know how much I really appreciate it! I think I'm more nervous at the prospect of school lol. All my professors have liked me, they know I try really hard, I'm an older student (turning 40) and for me, money is coming out of my own pocket so I actually go to class unlike when I was in college before in my teens! I'm a A-B student so am praying that I understand everything! it's been over a year since I took anatomy and although I kept my notes, nothing looks familiar lol!!! what year are you in?
  6. by   tas026
    Yeah, the prospect of school-especially after being out for a while-can be pretty scary! I wouldn't be too nervous about it though because even people just out of high school are just as nervous, if not more, than you! I think the school really eases you into it though. You won't go to clinical in the hospital for a few weeks until you have learned basic skills. I think there was only one really bad clinical instructor during my 1st semester, but she got canned! The two instructors that I had were amazing. They really do want you to succeed. Some of them are hard, but they are not impossible! Some are sticklers for rules while a lot of them aren't because they realize that in nursing you sometimes can't go by the book.

    During the program, there will be so many times that you feel dumb and like you aren't retaining any knowledge. Then you will look back and realize how much you learned! It's sort of amazing what you can do in 15 weeks.

    As for remembering A&P, don't bother. Most people are in A&P 1 during 1st semester, but the instructors never actually know what's being taught. Sometimes, you'll have days in class where they will start talking about something that hasn't been taught in 1st semester A&P yet, but they always teach you what you need to know for nursing. It's not as in depth as A&P. I guess taking the class just helps you understand it more in depth so that you can understand it fully for nursing.

    I would be in my 2nd semester of clinicals, but I am actually transferring to a different school because I've decided to become either a speech language pathologist or a physical therapist! It's funny how things work out! I always imagined I'd be a nurse, and I really enjoyed my time on the floor, but I just couldn't see that being my job until I retire since I'm only 18 now. I don't regret it though because nursing school really did help me figure out what I would like to do! I also know that I always have the option to go back later if things don't work out, and I know that I can be successful at it!
  7. by   ldeanm

    So, I know that I'm about 1.5 years late from the original post, but I wanted to share some of my experiences at lancaster general college for anyone who is looking for the information. I am in my third semester of the associate's degree.

    I am not happy with this school. In fact, almost all of my classmates are unhappy as well... I have been encouraging my friends who are considering a nursing program to look elsewhere!

    Let me start by saying that it is certainly a good nursing program. I am learning a lot, and from what I've heard, this is one of the normal difficult 2 year programs around. I have had *some excellent instructors. That being said, I have also had some very poor instructors.... Many of them have attitude problems, and too many times have I seen a game of favorites unfold during the clinical portions of the program. It is really unfortunate to see a hardworking classmate and friend be harrassed every day and given lower grades than everyone else just because the clinical instructor doesn't like that student. I find that clinical experiences from one instructor to another are also way too inconsistent. This college has enormous communication issues.

    The clinical experiences offered are excellent. Lancaster General Hospital is an ideal place to have clinical, and the other off-sites (community rotation, women and babies, psych hospital, lancaster rehab) are also excellent experiences.

    My first semester of nursing was tough but enjoyable, and it seemed very organized and well-planned. Everything since then has seemed like the instructors were flying by the seat of their pants most of the time.

    Now, for our third and then our final semesters, our lecture is held in the sad excuse for a classroom in the Burle warehouse on New Holland ave. A five hour class twice a week in a windowless room, no printing abilities out you waste well over 30 minutes round trip just traveling to the college to print after class. Also, it's very noisy--the instructors tell us to bring earplugs to the exams if that will be distracting. (What about all of the industrial noises that we hear every day for class? That is also distracting, and we can't wear earplugs).

    This program is relatively expensive, and I am not pleased with the classroom environment at all. And, of course, they waited until we were so far into the program to put us out there so that we would not be able to transfer out (or, not unless we wanted to spend 10s of thousands of dollars). It really makes me feel that the school does not care about the students, and operates more like a business. I went to the University of Pittsburgh before this and they really did a lot more for their students. I'm wondering if I shouldn't have stayed in Pittsburgh instead of moving back to Lancaster.... if I knew what I know now about this school, I definitely wouldn't do it over again.

    Nursing school is challenging anywhere you go... to you really want to put up with this school? Their financial aid office is a joke, and they are constantly messing with people.

    I usually advise prospective students to take a careful look at their options and think HARD before accepting lancaster general college as their school. Really.
  8. by   darkbeauty
    WOW. What a wealth of information from you guys. Thankyou very much. Now I have a question.
    Have any of you transfered as LPNs into their Advanced Placement Program? I've beeen accepted to start
    on May in the 6 week Advanced Placement Module, then upon successful completion, start in the Fall of 2013 in the 3rd semester.
    I'm a bit nervous, and excited as well. I have already asked for material to better prepare me for their 6 week transition module, and was given a list of texts to look at and start reading.

    Also, for those of you in 3rd and 4th semesters, what does your schedule look like on a weekly basis? All my prereqs are done, will only be concerntrating on my Nursing courses and clinicals, offcourse. I live in the King of Prussia area, and am debating whether I REALLY need to move to lancaster inorder to be successful and better prepared to handle this nursing program? I took my MAT 150, attended classes once a week and was fine with the driving and distance. Basically my question is, would I be OK with the demand of school and the distance to& from school? I know clinical preparation is the night before, then you are expected there the very next morning.

    Your advice and input would be soooooooo appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!
  9. by   KidaRN
    I'm applying for the May 2014 semester. What was your GPA? I completed the pre-reqs too.

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