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:typing i just wanted to share this little plan that i have made up for me to finish all my pre-req's (at burlington county college) for lasalle's evening/weekend bsn program. i can't wait!!! :nurse: join in my excitement! lol ... Read More

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    Quote from msimpa
    Hi Guys,

    I have been trying to find out more about the required interview for the pre-achieve program. Can anyone shed some light on what to expect, i.e the questions and anything in particular that I need to know. My interview is this week. Thanks
    To be honest I was not prepared for the interview. When I talked with the admissions director I had still a few classes to take before entering the program so I really came to ask about that. She did ask me questions on like what made you go into the nursing field and if I was working now. Then she went over the pre-reqs I had and talked about the program. Afterwards I was asked if I had any questions for her. All in all I think it went ok, but still waiting to hear back. Good luck on yours I am sure you will do great!

    Just know why you want to be a nurse and why particularly Lasalle. Anything you can offer to their program, like what makes you stand out from the crowd is a plus

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    Yeah the interview wasn't so much an interview as a Q&A session as well as filling you in on various information you'll need to know about the program. She asked if I had any questions, asked how my pre-reqs were going, and general info about the program. Nothing to worry about!
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    Thanks for all your replies. My interview went extremely well. My acceptance arrived this week so I am all clear.
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    Anyone hear anything after giving in the acceptance letter and deposit money? Registering for classes ? Book list? I am waiting for that so I can get a head start on buying them cheap. Did anyone do anything about financial aid or get started on clearances. I have not yet started. Oh oh...

    Just curious on what is everyone current job. I am in search for one to pay off tuition when I start in fall. I would love to work at a hospital, lets see!

    Enjoy your summer everyone!...we are in for a ride(exciting one that is)

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    They will actually register you for your first semester. As far as books you can either go to to bookstore or look them up online by course number (you'll be taking NUR 304 and NUR 307), but honestly I doubt if they're posted this early. Clearances we did the old fashioned way (like order them ourselves), but all the classes after us have to go thru some company. Do you have access to the mylasalle portal yet? You may, it's the same portal where you can view your app status etc. But if you do, try and join the nursing clinical compliance group--there you'll find all the info, links, etc of the stuff you need to do as far as clearances, CPR, h&p etc.
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    @phillygrl, I work full time at a crisis unit inside the ER at my local hospital (I'm from jersey).. I have to stay full time cuz I'm hoping to pay La Salle out of pocket..I'm trying my best not to resort to loans because my first degree is from Temple which I paid out of state tuition for so my loans are out of this world!
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    Quote from msimpa
    Thanks for all your replies. My interview went extremely well. My acceptance arrived this week so I am all clear.

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