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Hello all! I am so glad I was directed to this discussion forum. I believe it is a great place to share and learn. I am extremely interested in Jefferson's FACT program. I plan to apply for May... Read More

  1. by   SMB13
    Hello- I applied to the 2013 FACT program and have a phone interview coming up... Are there any current students/applicants that would be willing to share some advice or let me know what to expect? Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. by   FingersCross'd
    Hi SuebNP!

    I interviewed with the program in person last month. It was a very casual interview with an Admissions Counselor (not faculty). My best advice would be to know the differences in roles between NP/CBS/PA/MD because they may ask you "why not PA school?" They also asked "Why Jefferson, specifically?"

    The experience was a positive one in general; you'll be great, don't worry!!
  3. by   Steillare
    It is a very casual interview, haven't heard of anybody that got an interview and not accepted. Just make sure why you choose Jefferson over other schools, why become a nurse (any inspirations?), what do know about the role of nurses, any clinical experiences that may relate to nursing? Good luck.
  4. by   SMB13
    Thank you so much for the advice! Interviews always make me nervous, but I'm relieved their process seems more relaxed.
  5. by   SMB13
    Thank you FingersCross'd and Stellaire for the encouraging advice. I had my phone interview with an admissions counselor this morning, and got my email acceptance! You were right, the interview was extremely casual and overall, a great experience!
  6. by   ARJZ
    Hello everyone! I was also accepted to this program and paid the deposit a few days ago. Does anyone know if there is a thread on FACT students in the MSN portion of the program? I would really love to hear what they have to say about it. Also...does anyone know when the first day of class is? I graduate in May and am just wondering how many days off I will have between programs.
  7. by   Godwillhelpmesucceed
    I applied for Jeff's prelicensure BSN program with a GPA of 3.00 .. n submitted the supplemental app jus today.
    Did anybody got in with a 3.16 GPA?(according to nursingcas, my gpa is 3.08 and my science gpa is 3.25) I just have one pre-req left..(biochem).
    I also scored low on toefl (overall: 84,writing:25,speaking:23,reading:16, listening:20) .....
    Does anyone have an idea of what my chances would be?
  8. by   Godwillhelpmesucceed
    I'm guessing that I will receive an admission decision by feb or march........ If I repeat 2 courses in spring semester and get A for both courses, my GPA will be 3.3 (by MAY) .. I don't know if i should do tht....? Any suggestions?
    Help plz!!
  9. by   FingersCross'd
    Is anyone going to that dinner? I wish it was sooner! April 22 is so far away.
  10. by   meep05
    In the MSN portion are we required to find out own clincial placements?
  11. by   skojtari
    FingersCrossed, I am going!!!! So psyched about the program! Too bad it's a fortune
  12. by   happiness7
    Hello! I'm going to be a new apw student in fall '13 @ jefferson! I'm really excited yet nervous! Is anyone selling books, uniforms, school supplies, or even ipad (2 or 3 - 32gb)? I'm willing to buy anything you have! haha Please let me know! Thanks! )
  13. by   Fogs
    Hi Everyone, I was recently accepted for May 2014 and I'm looking to start getting my materials as well. Please let me know if any of you have books/ipad/etc that you'd like to sell or may know of any others who are looking to sell their things. Thanks a lot, and I hope everyone has a great end of the semester!