Jefferson 2012 APW Program

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    Has anyone else been accepted for Thomas Jefferson APW nursing program for Fall 2012?

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    Not yet, but my interview is in a week. Have you accepted?
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    Yes I was accepted in December. How did your interview go?
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    I was accepted in December also. Has anyone heard anything about whether APW or other nursing students live in Jefferson housing? I am undecided about living on campus or off. Any input would be helpful!
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    The interview went great. I was accepted and have put down the deposit.

    I don't know anything about campus housing. I am local to Philly and live up in the Germantown/Mt Airy region (northwest corner of the city). My neighborhood borders up on Wissahickon park land and is green & lovely. There are two regional rail lines and a handful of bus options to get downtown on public transit, and driving downtown isn't too bad either: it's usually 25-40 minutes in rush hour and 15 or so when the roads are clear.

    If you have a car and want to live downtown near campus, be prepared for parking headaches/expense. I have lots of non-Jeff friends who live in West Philly, especially in neighborhood around Clark Park (which borders Baltimore Ave). Clark Park is pretty fabulous. South Philly has its own flavor and I have friends who absolutely love it. In my experience, it's not nearly as green (with mature trees -- or any trees) as neighborhoods in the Northwest and West Philly. However, it's walkable/bikeable to downtown, has small neighborhood parks, and good public transit, and those are all definite pluses!
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    Kmmac, I received information in the mail about on campus housing and the apartment style jefferson housing in Orlowitz hall looks very convenient and affordable with roommates. Since its right across the street from the hospital and our classes i'm leaning towards on campus.
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    Has anyone who applied for the second review period heard anything yet?? March 1st is really soon and I'm really nervous!
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    I'm feeling like if I didn't get an email about an interview by now, then I probably was not accepted... does anyone have any info/insight about the admissions process? Thanks!
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    laurn109, I'm feeling the same way...I submitted my NursingCAS application to them in September and received my "decision" in November - they had to hold my application for further grades because I was finishing up a couple science courses in the Fall. But they didn't deny me right away, so I guess that's good. I followed instructions and had my updated transcript sent to both them and NursingCAS as soon as it was available from the school. I've called since then to see what the status is and they told me that my updated transcript was received on January 10th, but they haven't gone back to review it again yet. I'm starting to wonder if I even have a shot at getting in anymore. Was anyone else held for further grades?
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    jocy_anne if I were you I would call or email Niki Kelley because I think she is in charge of the applications and she was really helpful to me when I emailed her about a month ago, but haven't heard from her since! I'm just concerned about never hearing about an admissions interview but I haven't been rejected yet so I don't know what is going on.. when I emailed her a month ago she said that she's been behind and not to worry but this is weird how unorganized they've been.

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