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Has anyone else been accepted for Thomas Jefferson APW nursing program for Fall 2012? :)... Read More

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    Interviewed today and accepted today!!!! So excited about this!
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    I wish I could like that post more than once! So happy for you!!!!!!!!!
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    gglove317, Congrats on getting accepted! I came across a comment that you left on another thread! You were smart applying to several programs! I only applied to one and didn't get accepted! I didn't even know that Jefferson University had an Accelerated Pathway to the MSN. How did you find out about so many programs?
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    Thanks Faith! I applied to 7 different schools. LOTS OF RESEARCH! I'd be happy to share my list with you - where are you located and in what area are you looking to live/go to school? I stuck with the northeast, mid-atlantic and northern midwest regions.

    I'm sorry you didn't get accepted. These are incredibly difficult programs to get into, and I've gotten my own handful of rejection letters, so please don't get down on yourself. If you want it, eventually you'll make it happen!
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    I live in San Diego, CA but I'm originally from the Midwest (Illinois). Most of the schools close to me are private and very expensive. The length and tuition for these programs varies immensely! I was hoping to stay out west but at this point I may have to look at other areas. How did you do your research? Did you use specific websites?

    I want this with all of my heart so I'm not giving up!
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    Look by state for nursing programs. Sometimes you won't see it on a generic site, but if you look on the school website, you may find that they do indeed have a direct entry program. I'd suggest you get your BSN first, even though you probably already have a BS or BA, because many hospitals are now requiring a 4 year degree before they hire any RNs, and you may want to work as an RN for a bit before pursuing the MSN portion.

    Here's a list by state of some 2nd degree BSN programs - and many of these may also have MSN programs:

    nd here's a link I found for Cali schools:

    opefully that helps you a bit. Google is a master at throwing out these little gems with more info, so don't be afraid to spend a few hours really digging around. I wish you lots of luck!
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    Thank you gglove317!!! Did you apply to accelerated BSN programs, direct entry MSN programs, or both? I already have a non-nursing Bachelor's degree. I had not heard about hospitals requiring a 4 year degree before they hire an RN. Here is a link to the list I have been using! It has both accelerated BSN and Direct Entry MSN programs!

    American Association of Colleges of Nursing | Accelerated Baccalaureate and Master's Degrees in Nursing
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    I just got invited for an interview! I'm so excited I'm practically hyperventilating!!!!!! But I'm trying not to be TOO excited, because I still need to do well on the interview. She asked for dates and times that work for me, so I e-mailed her my availability and am just waiting to hear back now. I just couldn't wait to share my excitement!!!
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    I was accepted into the APW program for Fall 2012 today!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even describe how excited I am!!!!!!! Has anyone started a Facebook group for accepted students? If not, I think I might do that. It would be nice to start getting to know everyone now! SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Congratulations on your acceptance! I'm sure its a huge relief! I hope to be in your shoes in a year

    Do you mind sharing any experience (medical) you had prior to applying...
    I have my CNA license, and am planning on working as a CNA shortly. I've also shadowed physicians, physician assistants, and will be shadowing an RN & NP. My bachelors is in Dietetics. I'm curious as to what type of experience accepted applicants have.


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