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Has anyone else been accepted for Thomas Jefferson APW nursing program for Fall 2012? :)... Read More

  1. by   Kelsea1214
    Congratulations on your acceptance! I'm sure its a huge relief! I hope to be in your shoes in a year

    Do you mind sharing any experience (medical) you had prior to applying...
    I have my CNA license, and am planning on working as a CNA shortly. I've also shadowed physicians, physician assistants, and will be shadowing an RN & NP. My bachelors is in Dietetics. I'm curious as to what type of experience accepted applicants have.

  2. by   jocy_anne
    Thanks Kelsea!!! It is a very big relief! I have a lot of administrative and volunteer experience (mission trips, working with adolescents, etc.), but don't have any medical experience. The fact that you have a CNA license, have shadowed multiple medical professions, and have a Bachelor's in Dietetics will all greatly help you as you pursue an ABSN! However, I think it's also important to get good grades in your prereq courses, since I know most schools really tend to look at those grades the most. As long as you keep doing what you're doing, I think you'll be a shoe-in for next year!
  3. by   jocy_anne
    If anyone is interested, I created a Facebook group for our APW class. It would be nice to start getting to know each other over the next few months while we wait for the program to begin! I think I called it "Thomas Jefferson University APW Class of 2014" and I did make it a closed group, so you may need to send me your info so we can become FB friends and I can add you to the group. PM me if you're interested!
  4. by   Tinana281082
    Hello! I have my interview tomorrow for the APW program at Jefferson. I am extremely nervous can someone who was already interviewed give me an overview about what they talked about?!! Thanks!
  5. by   jocy_anne
    Hi Tinana! I had my interview a couple weeks ago, and I was sooooo nervous before I went in. The second I sat down, though, the interview was really more like a conversation and that really helped to calm my nerves. The most important advice I can give you is to be real. They do these interviews so that they can gauge who is really passionate about the field and the program, so as long as you really have a heart for Nursing, I think you'll do really well!

    Go to the interview prepared with any questions you have about the school, program, etc. That was the first thing I was asked, and I asked A LOT of questions lol. And make sure you can really articulate your story and what it is that made you want to go into the Nursing field. As long as you're honest and speak from the heart, I think you'll be ok! I'm at the chiropractor's office now so I can't post too much (I'm using the fancy new iPhone allnurses app!) but the most important thing to remember is BREATHE and stay calm! :-)

    What time is your interview tomorrow? I will be sure to say some prayers around that time for you! We're always looking for new APW students on here, so I can't wait to hear how it goes! Good luck!!!
  6. by   Tinana281082
    Thank you so much!!! My interview is at 2:30 p.m. I am honest, I've never wanted anything so badly as this, and the more time I spend taking "nursing like courses" the more I like it...

    I hope to get a fast response afterwards!!! Waiting for admissions answers is killing me. I think I've gained like five pounds since I've started applying for nursing schools ... haha! I will let you know how it goes!!!
  7. by   gglove317
    Good luck Tinana! I'm sure you'll do great! And the bonus about Jeff is that you will usually find out 24 hours after your interview... I'm not sure if that's good to tell you or not, but at least you'll know sooner rather than later! Where are you currently located?
  8. by   Tinana281082
    I live in Philly. Jefferson would be perfect! I don't want to move and I would rather not to commute!
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  9. by   jocy_anne
    It's 2:32pm right now, so good luck Tinana!!! Let us know how it goes!
  10. by   Tinana281082
    I just received an email from Nikki and they offering me admission!! I am sooooooooo excited! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Thank you guys for everything. I can't wait to meet you all!!
  11. by   jocy_anne
    Yaaaay congratulations Tinana!!! I'm looking forward to meeting you, too! If you're interested in joining the Facebook group, PM me. There's only 2 of us on there now, so it would be great to add some members! :-)
  12. by   Tinana281082
    Thank you! I already sent a request! Now I am nervous because there are so many things to be done before we start!
  13. by   jocy_anne
    Yay, I added you! We now have 4 people in the group, woohoo! Lol. There is definitely a lot to get done, but once you start everything, it goes pretty quickly. I was accepted less than 3 weeks ago and just mailed the final piece to my background check yesterday, and have all the health requirements done except for the second TB screening I have to get in June. Only 140 days until we start the program!