Is there time limit between graduation date & exam date to take the NCLEX?

  1. For example, in other states one has two years after graduation to pass the exam.
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  3. by   ellenrn2000
    Hi, littlesnackcakes
    I am in California, and I don’t think there is a time restriction as long as you meet the criteria. However, I won’t wait too long post graduation due to “leaking knowledge”. In addition, health science is changing all the time, the longer you wait, could hurt you in the future.
    Good luck,
  4. by   littlesnackcakes
    Hi ellenrn2000. I think time is already against me. I just have to do my best to move forward. Besides a clinical refresher course, what would you suggest I do to strengthen my clinical exposure?
  5. by   ellenrn2000
    Hi littlesnackcakes,

    I think you should focus your effort in "knowledge" versus "clinical" refresher.
    NCLEX is mostly a knowledge based examination, not a clinical examination.
    As a previous LVN who went through a RN program, I felt some of my "working" knowledge actually hurt me.

    The board is very black and white, while in real life, we thinks in shades of grays; and everything, and anything is possible.

    For example, if a question that asks you which one of the following is the BEST/1st thing to do/priority....
    and often, at least 2 of the answers are correct. Then, it is up to you to figure whicn of the answer is MORE correct.

    Just my opinion.
    Good luck to you,