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I really want to work at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. I work nearby and I love the area. I'm not a nurse but I'm studying to be a nurse and I want to start at CHOP to get my foot in the... Read More

  1. by   peds11
    Congrats to you!! I also received the same e-mail saying I made the cut... but yes, i agree that it was not very detailed and 'leaves you hanging' I am wondering if I am supposed to contact the recruiter, since it said that there is not a set timeline for a second interview. Hopefully we will hear soon Very exciting!
  2. by   RachRN19
    Yay!!! Congrats to you!! I also wondered the same thing. It says a recruiter will be in touch but I'm sure it doesn't hurt to contact them if some time goes by. This has been the longest two weeks EVER but I'm happy we woke up to some good news!
  3. by   peds11
    Out of curiosity, has anyone heard any word of a second interview after receiving the e-mail on the 8th? I sent a follow up email last week and still haven't heard back. Any help would be appreciated Also, for former interviewers-- how long did it take to get 'set up' with a unit interview after being notified that you were selected from pipeline applicants? Thanks for helping calm my nerves!!
  4. by   pbajil
    Quote from HelloNurse_RN
    i would literally give a limb to work at chop.

    or something else, very dear to me. Ive applied atleast 60 times, all rejected, im assuming because im a ASN, working toward her BSN. :sigh: if only.

    :heartbeat chop, i love you. if you see this.
    CHOP knows there are a lot of nurses who think like this. This is why the recruiters are so rude! I myself have applied and one was so rude to me a few years ago. I was asked to interview, then denied an interview because I asked to get back to them about the ONE date they had available to me in a month. Either that one day (which was 3 days away) or one a month later. I then said yes I would be there but was told no, because I didn't put them first they no longer wanted me to come in. Apparently securing a sitter and caring about my own kids is a dealbreaker for them! They know there are so many nurses who want to work there so they think they can treat us badly.
  5. by   RachRN19
    If it makes you feel any better, I haven't heard anything yet either!
  6. by   RachRN19
    @peds11.....have you heard anything since the post-interview email yet??
  7. by   kdrose01
    Does anyone know the nurse recruiter's name and/or email? If so, would you mind PMing it to me? Thank you! CHOP is my first choice, but I haven't heard anything yet.

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