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Has anyone out there been selected for Edinboro University's Innovative Nursing Program starting Fall 2012? I have just been accepted and am eager to get in touch with others who will be entering the... Read More

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    I'm from Kane---small little town south east of Erie. I hold BA in Dance with a minor in gerontology. I've been a cna since I was about 18 and have been working in a nursing home since. However, a couple years ago, I switched to a position with the Office of Human Services and am now a senior center director.

    Have you had any experience in the nursing field?

    I'm sure you will be fine
    We can use each other as study buddies

    I'm surprised no one else has posted on here. Would be nice to meet some other people as well
    Have you talked to anyone else who was accepted into the program?

    I'm Amanda by the way. . . what's your name?
  3. by   biys75
    Hello everyone, my name is Robert and I have applied to the Innovative Nursing program. I received an acceptance letter from Edinboro University, however it appeared very generic and didn't mention any specific program, just that I had been accepted to the University. I was curious if any of you also received a similar letter? Thanks!
  4. by   alb8952
    I received a generic one from admissions saying congrats on your acceptance to edinboro. I called admissions and the woman said that I was accepted into the innovative program.
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    Thanks Amanda (alb8952), that is the same type of letter I received. I also spoke with the admissions department and they told me I was accepted as well.

    In response to Streamline2010, with any accelerated program you take the risk of buring out. I was in an accelerated medical school program where we did the first two years of didactic book work in 15 months and it was hell to be frank, but I got through it. It's important to take time for yourself and to relax, and yes there is time for that if you organize your time appropriately.

    I'm really looking forward to this experience, although the pace will be similar to medical school the information learned and class size will be different. My medical school class was over 600 student all starting as freshman. This nursing program is around 20, so the learning experience will be much richer. Learning is so much easier with a study and support group!

    For those that didn't read my post above, my name is Robert.. I'm from Illinois btw, but also lived in Florida for 10 years and the Caribbean for a year and a half. I've never been to Pennsylvanian, but I'm so excited to check it out. Anyway, I'm ready for August to get here and really looking forward to meeting all of you.
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  6. by   alb8952
    For any of you who are attending this innovative program, does anyone need a roommate? What have you all found for living arrangements?
  7. by   jordancoltura
    Hi guys!! Congratulations to all of you who have been accepted into Edinboro's program for the fall. I am a current Innovative student at Edinboro graduating in December. I just wanted to let you all know that we started a facebook group for our class last summer and found it very helpful because there was not much information out there regarding the program and relocating to the area. I also started a group on Facebook "edinboro innovative nursing" for you all to be able to ask any of the current students questions as you prepare to start in the Fall. PLEASE do not hesitate to email me as well if you need anything at all. I remember how excited and nervous I was to start the program and the lack of resources out there. Good luck to you all and I hope to meet you all in the Fall!
  8. by   biys75
    Good question regarding the living arrangements Amanda. I am curious about this as well.
    Jordancoltura, maybe you can offer some advice on this. Is it best to live on campus or off campus, based on things such as commuting needs, campus resource accessibility, housing options in the area, food options in the area, etc. Also, do you live with a roommate, say a current nursing student and if so how has that worked out, has it been beneficial.
    If you could offer any advice, things to prepare for or what to expect during the next 1 years that would be great.
    Thanks - Robert
  9. by   jordancoltura
    I actually live in a townhouse about a mile from campus with two nursing students who are in my class. It has worked out amazingly. We actually met on an allnurses thread last summer. I would highly recommend living near campus for the central location for clinicals and class. First semester you are on campus 95 percent of the time with a couple 4 hour clinical rotations for a few weeks at the very end of the semester. And then second semester you are at clinicals three days a week in Erie and third semester is half in Erie and half in meadville (30 min south of edinboro) Erie wouldn't be a bad area to look either. As far as on campus there are places that rent per semester called college park apts and Darrow place, but they are pretty expensive for the basic amenities and overly saturated with undergrads but for the close proximity to campus might not be bad. Hope that helps a little!!
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    Quote from alb8952
    Has anyone out there been selected for Edinboro University's Innovative Nursing Program starting Fall 2012? I have just been accepted and am eager to get in touch with others who will be entering the program as well

    Hey guys, I too got accepted into the Innovative Nursing program starting this fall 2012. Im still trying to figure out what to do about housing. Like is it better to live on campus or off campu.. Anyone here decided on what they're going to do concerning housing? or know anyone looking for a roomate ..etc?