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I have recently been accepted to the ACE Nursing Program at Drexel University and Duquesne University’s 2nd Degree Nursing Program. I am having a hard time deciding between these programs. If anyone has graduated from these... Read More

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    I agree with JDU4 about Dr. Kuhns. I spoke to her several times last fall to confirm what classes I still needed to take and she was very helpful. I would also make sure you are comfortable with whatever campus you choose - I'm not big on cities, so Drexel would definitely not be a good fit for me. (Not judging Drexel, just don't like cities!)
    JDU4 - I look forward to meeting you in the fall! :-)

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    Quote from blb5103
    Hello -

    I have an interview at Robert Morris on Wednesday. This program is likely my top choice; however, there may be issue with completing my prereqs.

    I'm unsure what to tell Penn State Altoona. I have to make a decision by March 4th - very soon. Some of the stories on here that are consistent with my experiences so far concern me.
    Hey! Hope your interview went well.
    Do you have any advice for the interview. I am scheduled for one next Tuesday - this is the only program I have an interview with so far, and I really don't want to blow it! Any advice/hints would really give me some assurance!

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    I'm assuming your interview is with Anne? She is so super nice and you have nothing to worry about. I would say 90% of the interview is her telling you about the program and the two of you going over what needs to be done before you begin the program. You have no reason to be nervous.

    I will be attending the program as long as I get the prereqs completed so maybe I will see you in the fall! The program really impressed me and the people there are great. Not to mention, I am more comfortable with the location and the program length compared to that of Drexel's.

    Good Luck
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    JDU4 and Latin Dancer,

    Thank you for your help! My main concerns about Drexel are definantly the program length and the class size. I've read mixed feelings about Altoona's program, although I have seen a lot more positive comments lately, so hopefully the kinks of the new program are worked out!

    I did decline PSU Altoona. I had a completely different experience with Dr. Kuhn, although I never met with her in person, which I am sure makes a big difference. Robert Morris is looking promising for me, and is my top choice, so I am excited to get started.

    Good Luck to both of you and thank you for your input!
    I apologize for the slow response.
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    @ blbl5103 -

    Hey thanks for the feedback! I've been accepted, and I believe I am in the same boat as you - i have 2 prereqs pending at the moment. So hopefully i'll be able to get those aside during the summer and officially start in the fall! If you don't mind, which prereqs do you have yet to complete?
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    Jasjas- I was accepted as well and have one class I need to take over the summer, Microbiology. I am taking it at Penn Highlands. I am excited about starting the program. Look forward to seeing you in the fall!
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    @ those starting at RMU ..

    Have you taken their requirements for Patho & Health Assessment yet?
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    Hey everyone, to those of you who started at RMU last year, how is it going? I plan on starting there fall 2012 and was wondering if you have any advice ty!!

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